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A new Yndi Halda shirt design available directly from us can be seen here. $14ppd, should be arriving by mid-December if you order now

We’ll have a new Yndi Halda t-shirt available in the online store a little later today. We should have them in time for holiday orders in a wide range of sizes.
If you’re in the Philadelphia area, Unwed Sailor will be here on Thursday night, 6 December at the Khyber. This Will Destroy You is with them. They’re also in Wilkes-Barre on Friday, 7 December and New York City on 8 December. I’ll be at their show in Raleigh on 10 December, too.
We’re wrapping up the final details for Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars. Everything is on track for the 18 March 2008 release date. We now have a final master for the cd and will be cutting LPs very shortly. It’s sounding great.
Bosque Brown have been working hard with Chris Flemmons to finish their record.
Artwork for the upcoming Soporus album 24,110 is happening this week. We’re working on some interesting package for this one, too. We’ll see how it all pans out.

Soporus are playing tonight at The Infantree Gallery in Lancaster, 21 N. Prince Street. They’re playing with our good friends LATRALMAGOG. Show starts at 8:30 and will be awesome. Hope to see you there.
Yndi Halda are playing a special Christmas show for charity sponsored by The Deku Tree. It will be at the Holy Trinity Church in Leeds on 22 December. They’re going to be playing Enjoy Eternal Bliss and recording it for a live cd/dvd release.
I’ve added a few more dates for Unwed Sailor’s tour. This Will Destroy You will be with them and the tour starts tonight in Chicago.
The Max Richter performance as part of the Wordless Music series was incredible. There was a 5 piece string section to play alongside Max’s piano/keyboard/computer. They played nearly all of The Blue Notebooks. It was in a small church sanctuary and the sound was really incredible.
We also got to visit The Doughnut Plant to have some of the best donuts I’ve ever tasted.