BTV038 The Trouble With Sweeney : Dear Life

The Trouble with Sweeney
“Dear Life” (btv038)
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Track listing:
1. $500-A-Day Hall of Mirrors
2. Two More People
3. So Tough
4. Kitty
5. She is Right Here Tonight
6. That’s What I Was Wearing That Day
7. Ellwood City
8. The Person I Know Myself to Be
9. Master of the Scouts
10. Is That Your Car?
11. The Ghosts of ’97
Philadelphia’s The Trouble with Sweeney’s full-length is inspired by ’60s pop of The Turtles and The Lovin’ Spoonful, but also points forward, purifying their cross-bread alt-country instincts. Mike “Slo-Mo” Brenner (Marah) adds lap steel and Brian McTear (Mazarin) produces. Their 2000 self-titled ep was listed in a writer’s top 10 of 2000 on, apparently those tortured missives of love and disenchantment are still cool.