BTV103 Oldermost : It’s Difficult To Know Anything At All

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“It’s Difficult To Know Anything At All” (btv103) cd/cass
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Track listing:
1. Time To Go (1:58)
2. Electric Light Eyes (4:21)
3. Be Still (5:08)
4. A Drink (Or Two) (3:41)
5. Leave It Alone (7:15)
Philadelphia’s Oldermost will release It’s Difficult To Know
Anything At All in May 2015. The five-song EP playfully revisits
the heavy inquiries of their full-length debut I Live Here Now,
which was produced by Jonathan Low (Sharon Van Etten,
Daniel Rossen, Kurt Vile, Mr. Twin Sister), but does so by building
tension both centripetally and centrifugally around the dark
and whimsical center of questioning and wonder never quite
arriving at any answers. The songs, produced in their Philadelphia
studio, are filled with questionable advice, despairing wit,
contradictions and an ever-present affinity for popular song
construction. This release welcomes guitarist Mike Sobel
whose lap-steel performance was featured on The War on
Drugs’ phenomenal release Lost In The Dream (“Eyes to The
The songs on It’s Difficult To Know Anything At All blend influences
from sources like Bill Fay and Harry Nilsson to Wilco, Jim
James, and Father John Misty to create a genre-bending classical
sound with warmth, harmony, and luscious reverb.
Oldermost have been called “Atmosphericana Rockers” whose
“sound is gorgeous and expansive, blending traditional songwriting
motifs and blue-eyed soul harmonies with an uplifting and emphatically
modern guitar rock attack … with a surplus of texture and ambition,
one that doesn’t recognize the self-imposed barriers you typically
find in the Americana scene”
–WXPN’s The Key
Oldermost “mix[es] pop elements with nodes of soulful Americana
and alternative rock laying the foundation for Bucknum’s booming
“Envision, if you will, a few weeks from now when the air is the perfect
mixture of warmth and crispness and everything seems a bit nicer
and bright. Why yes, we would like to read outside, thanks. Listening
to [“A Drink (Or Two)”] helps us leapfrog from the wet unpleasant right
now into these sun-drenched days ahead.”–Philebrity