BTV036 Huntingtons : Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits for the New Wave

“Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits for the New Wave” ( btv036 )
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Track listing:
1. Alison’s the Bomb
2. She’s Probably Over Me
3. JW
4. Losing Penny
5. She’s A Brat
6. Rock ‘N’ Roll Girl
7. She’s Alright
8. All She Knows
9. I’m So Stupid
10. Veronica
11. Mom’s in Rehab
12. Crackhead
13. Nicki Loves Her LSD
14. Big Mouth
15. The Only One
16. Lucy’s About to Lose Her Mind
17. Drexel U
18. Don’t Beat Me Up
19. Don’t Leave Me in the Hospital
20. Goddess and the Geek
21. Bubblegum Girl
22. Heavy Metal’s Alive in Baltimore
23. True to You
24. Leave Home
25. We Got the Beat
Delaware’s Huntingtons continue to crank out the Ramone’s inspired American punk rock. Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits for the New Wave contains re-arranged and re-recorded versions of Huntingtons’ favorite songs from their first two albums, Sweet Sixteen and Fun and Games, The Only One cdep, and two cover songs unavailable anywhere else.