BTV012 Farquar Muckenfuss : They Grown Their Own Meat (Grade E, But Edible)

Farquar Muckenfuss
“They Grow Their Own Meat (Grade E, but Edible)” (btv012)
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Track listing:
1. (narration one)
2. Open Heart Sandwich
3. (narration two)
4. The Veldt
5. (narration three)
6. A Window Washer’s Guide to a Clean Glass
7. (narration four)
8. Toy Train
9. (narration five)
10. Eddy (as in H20)
11. (narration six)
12. Hit the Guy on the Bike
13. (narration seven)
14. “I Think a Convenience Store”
15. (narration eight)
16. The Second to Last Accounts of Erwin Handleman
17. (narration nine)
18. Asbestos I Can
19. (narration ten)
20. Harlem Sunset
21. (narration eleven)
22. To Change the Subject Abruptly and on Purpose
23. (narration twelve)
24. (narration thirteen)
25. The Martian Death March
26. (narration fourteen)
27. Venusian Blinds
28. Homocidal Hobo
29. (narration fifteen)
30. Theme from the Bloodless…
31. (narration sixteen)
32. We Haven’t Figured Out What She Wants to Do Yet
33. (narration seventeen)
34. (narration eighteen)
35. (narration nineteen)
36. (narration twenty)

Deep inside a secret laboratory are the workings of the sinister ingredients of Farquar Muckenfuss. Blending elements of sci-fi, B-movies, surf punk, and swing, farquar present a mostly instrumental music. The live show is accompanied by bizarre costuming and story lines to intrigue the eyes and mind, as well as the ears. Joe Genaro (formely of the Dead Milkmen) assisted in the recording of this album.