BTV039 Jetenderpaul : A Casualty Too Serious To Afford

“A Casualty Too Serious To Afford ” (btv039)
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Track listing:
1. We Already Leapt that Fence
2. The Fotheroy Institute’s Living Lecture Series
3. Another Reason Why Ehrhorn Should Quit His Job
4. I’ve Got Ears to Eavesdrop
5. The Other Person’s Cues
6. A Brief Epistemological Crisis (circa 1952)

Jetenderpaul offer up the 6-song 7″ “A Casualty Too Serious Too Afford” as their smart follow-up to 2000’s critically acclaimed Jetenderpaul Presents the Modal Lines. The 7″ marks a bit of a return to long, obtuse song titling and short song segments, as well as an extension of the pop format established by their previous full-length. This 7″ is a co-release betwen Burnt Toast Vinyl and Hype City Record (Norway).