Monday, 04 May 2020

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Starflyer 59 : Gold

Starflyer 59’s Gold album is available now at the Tooth and Nail Records store. We had long intended to release this on Burnt Toast Vinyl, going to far as to pay for a mechanical license and transfer the original 24-track 2″ tape for a potential re-mix. There were significant interviews conducted in the hopes of doing a proper archival re-issue, but this effort was never completed. Go buy the re-issues while you can. :::scott:::

BTV014 Starflyer 59 : The Fashion Focus LP/7″

Starflyer 59
“The Fashion Focus” (btv014)
Out of Print
Track Listing:
1. I Drive A Lot
2. We’re The Ordinary
3. Sundown
4. Fell In Love At 22
5. A Holiday Song (Happy Holidays)
6. All The Time
7. The Birthrite
8. Card Games And Old Friends
9. Shut Your Mouth
10. The Fashion Focus
11. Too Much Fun
12. Days Of Lamech
13. Elijah The Prophet
14. Never Had A Name
This, Starflyer 59’s 4th full-length. This release includes a 7″ with 2 unreleased tracks unavailable anywhere else.