BTV058 Sufjan Stevens : Seven Swans LP

Sufjan Stevens
“Seven Swans” (btv058)
Track listing:
1 All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands
2 The Dress Looks Nice on You
3 In the Devil’s Territory
4 To Be Along with You
5 Abraham
6 Sister
7 Size Too Small
8 We Won’t Need Legs to Stand
9 A Good Man Is Hard to Fine
10 He Woke Me Up Again
11 Seven Swans
12 The Transfiguration
The LP version of Sufjan Stevens’ latest release, Seven Swans, proudly released in cooperation with the kind folks at Sounds Familyre. Sufjan’s fourth album follows closely to last year’s Michigan album which made many year-end top 10 lists. Seven Swansfeatures delicate, whispered songs, fraught with mystical imagery, borrowing equally from Flannery O’Connor and the Old Testament, often with just a plucked banjo or a upright piano for accompaniment. Sufjan’s moments of quiet reflection possess an almost painful beauty, and when the choir kicks in at the end of the title song, you’ll be transported entirely.