Williams Shift : We Were Wonderers

Williams Shift’s debut album We Were Wonderers is released digitally and on cd today! Williams Shift is a new project from Matthew Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) and Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore, Small Signals). We Were Wonderers was recorded in various home studios, produced and mixed by Grammy award winning producer Roessner in conjunction with Stone, and features the vocalist Jill Purdy. Williams Shift comes to life as an outgrowth of the poppiest elements incorporated in songs recorded as members of the instrumental band Saxon Shore combined with the concept of the “Williams Shift” where defenders would align themselves to better field naturally pulled hits from Boston slugger Ted Williams. The band blends soaring synth pop influences with an ever-expanding and spiraling Williams mythology and weight of the Cosmos. Captivated by theories of human cryonic suspension and the cagey details post-Williams mortem, the band embraces an actively dreaming suspended head and an alternate future of Williams’ awakening. His frozen head orbits the earth on a satellite with other cryonically frozen beings, a tragic Greek chorus echoing Williams’ thoughts through Brian Wilson-esque (musician, not reliever) melodies. This is an ode to melody, love lost, remembrance, baseball, Ted Williams’ legacy, and the universe…Continue readingWilliams Shift : We Were Wonderers


Williams Shift “Permanent Glue (Instrumental)”

“Permanent Glue” kicks off the forthcoming album from Williams Shift, We Were Wonderers, due out March 24th. The song is based on a synth motif that Stephen Roessner  wrote on a Kurzweil K2000S one day while bored with his Ph.D. studies at school. He continued to layer more synths, drums, bass, and guitars onto the song, but it didn’t feel finished. Roessner then sent it to Matt Stone, who added even more guitars, lyrics, and a plethora of harmonies to the track, adding to the pulsing, building, and enveloping sound initially laid out by Roessner. Stone pulled inspiration for the lyrics from Carl Sagan’s writing on the cosmos. The title references the molecular glue buy phentermine online 37.5 mg that holds us all together, that no molecule escapes, dies, or is forgotten. It merely transmutes into another form of energy that will burn on forever in our world, or perhaps a distant star. Stream the instrumental version of the track through the embedded bandcamp link below, pre-order the digital release through the band, pre-order the 2xLP /cassette package, the 2xLP, or cd of We Were Wonderers from btv, and order the We Were Wonderers Instrumentals cassette from our good friends at Flannelgraph Records in Bloomington, IN or directly from btv. The instrumental cassettes…Continue readingWilliams Shift “Permanent Glue (Instrumental)”


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