BTV048 Early Day Miners : Deep Harbor

Early Day Miners
“Deep Harbor” (btv048)
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Track listing:
1. Deep Harbor
2. City/State

Early Day Miners’ Deep Harbor is the second installment in the Burnt Toast Vinyl one-sided LP series. The A side features two tracks from Early Day Miners. The B side is an etching of the city seal of Bloomington, IN, the current residence of members of Early Day Miners. The cover keeps the series’ portrait theme with a distorted painting of EDM’s Daniel Burton by Chicago’s Kevin Duneman.

These two tracks were entirely recorded by Daniel Burton at his Grotto home studio and clock in at over 20 minutes. The songs are sprawling and cinematic, shying away from the more rock direction the band has taken on recent recordings. “Deep Harbor” opens the side in two movements, experimenting with more complicated rhythms and arrangements and deep, rich bass sounds. “City/State” melodic theme echoes a guitar part from 2002’s Stateless soundtrack collaboration between Early Day Miners and Unwed Sailor.

EDM are currently residing in the midwestern United States, where they have lived since forming as a group in 1996. Current core members are Joseph Brumley, Daniel Burton, Rory Leitch, and Matt Lindblom. EDM have collaborated with Dave Fischoff, Molly Kien and Maggie Polk (Spokane, Papa M, Cheree Jetton), Kenny Childers (Mysteries of Life, Velo Deluxe), Pete Skafish, Tom Hoff (American Analog Set) and Darin Gray (Jim O’Rourke, On Fillmore). EDM tour erratically and prefer to record at home.