BTV042.5 Unwed Sailor : The Faithful Anchor

Unwed Sailor
“The Faithful Anchor” (btv042.5/unwd001)
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Track listing:
1. Last Goodbyes
2. The House of Hopes…Dreams…and Wishes…
3. The Faithful Anchor
4. Our Nights
5. Golden Cities
6. Ruby’s Wishes
7. In the Presence of Thrones
8. Riddle of Stars
9. The Quiet Hour

Unwed Sailor’s current line-up consists of Johnathon Ford on bass, Nic Tse on guitar, and Matt Putman on drums. Ford and Tse worked with drummer Matt Johnson (ex-Roadside Monument) and producer Daniel Burton (Ativin, Early Day Miners) to record their full-length, The Faithful Anchor, originally released in summer 2001. With Burton’s help, the band captured its trademark melodic, instrumental energetic sound, mixing in Eno-esque ambience and adding just a hint of experimentalism. Ford adds vocals to the final track, “The Quiet Hour,” further stretching the boundaries of Unwed Sailor’s sound