BTV063 Mount Eerie : Live in Copenhagen 3xLP

Mount Eerie
“Live in Copenhagen” (btv063)
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Track listing:
1 Wooly Mammoth’s Mighty Absence
2 Say “Goodbye” and “No”
3 ” ” by Moools
4 Climb Over
5 Great Ghosts
6 See Me
7 A Show of Hands
8 Who?
9 O Little Heart
10 It’s Not the Hunting
11 Moon Sequel
12 Cold Mountain
13 I Will Be Good
14 We Know There Are
15 I Cut My Hands Off
16 Solar System
17 Silent Night
18 I Have Been Told That My Skin Is Exceptionally Smooth
19 I’ll Not Contain You
20 Log In the Waves
21 We Squirm
22 Get the Hell Out of the Way of the Volcano
23 Headless Horseman Pt. 2
24 Moon, I Already Know
25 I Felt Your Shape
26 After N. Young
27 The Dead of Night
28 Thanksgiving
29 Lanterns
30 You’ll Be In the Air
31 Voice In Headphones
32 The Blow Pt. 2
33 I’ll Shut Up
34 I Say “No”
35 The Boom (w/ Kloster)

Mount Eerie’s Live in Copenhagen is our most ambitious vinyl release ever: three LPs in a triple gatefold jacket all beautifully illustrated by Phil Elverum. Five sides contain 34 live tracks from a two-set solo performance in Copenhagen, Denmark from March 2003, including several Microphones songs and as-yet-unreleased Mount Eerie songs. The sixth side features an etching by Genevieve Elverum (Phil’s wife) and a bonus track, “The Boom,” recorded in a Copenhagen apartment with Mikael Andreasen of the Danish band Kloster and Washington Inc. Records.

Mikael Andreasen and Scott Hatch of Burnt Toast Vinyl have been good friends for several years, trading records and many live show recordings. Once Mikael told of the recording session and sent a copy of the live show recording he had made, the two approached Phil with the idea of this special release. Phil had agreed to be a part of the ongoing Burnt Toast Vinyl one-sided LP series and the release morphed into this triple LP edition, with Phil undertaking the monumental effort of completing the jacket and booklet artwork. The cover is a single drawing that covers all three jacket panels.

This 3xLP set fully showcases the brilliance of Phil Elverum of Mount Eerie and The Microphones through live performance and artwork. It’s a limited edition of 1,000 copies, available only on vinyl, a must for any fan.

Co-release between Washington Inc. Records, Copenhagen, Denmark and Burnt Toast Vinyl, Philadelphia.