BTV059 Starflyer 59 : Portuguese Blues One-Sided LP

Starflyer 59
“Portuguese Blues” (btv059)
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Track listing:
1. Unlucky
2. I Need Some Help
3. Troubles
4. He’ll Leave Me Alone
Starflyer 59’s contribution to the one-sided LP series began with Jason Martin’s desire to return to the rawer, heavy guitar inspired sounds that shaped the original Silver and Gold albums at the beginning of the band’s career. These original 4 songs were recorded in early 2003 and inspired the band to record a full-length in the same vein which became I Am the Portuguese Blues. The full-length features one of the original four tracks, but the other three remain exclusive to this one-sided LP. The obverse etching features a short story by Starflyer friend and music writer J. Edward Keyes.