BTV035 Ran Away To Sea: I Won’t Tell A Soul Except The World

Ran Away to Sea
“I Won’t Tell A Soul Except the World”(btv035)
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Track listing:
1. You’ll Be Grateful
2. Breakthrough
3. Paperback
4. Officer
5. Entrances and Exits
6. I Haven’t Slept
7. Glorious
8. Her Crippled Hand
9. File Papers
10. Free of All Diseases
With their second full-length, Ran Away to Sea offer up ten melodic pop songs with just the right moodiness to sit well with post-emo/hardcore/punk fans of groups like Weezer, Samiam, Jimmy Eat World, Built to Spill, and Death Cab for Cutie. I Won’t Tell A Soul except the world is a good mix of hook-heavy rock, mid-tempo literate pop, and sad, questioning ballads. Plenty of catchy melodies and choruses to keep the songs in your head.