BTV023 Denison Witmer : Safe Away

Denison Witmer
“Safe Away” (btv023)
Buy Online | $11ppdTrack listing:
1. Steven
2. Breathe In This Life
3. Over My Head
4. This and That
5. Closer to the Sun
6. What Will Stay?
7. Miles
8. Dain
9. Los Angeles
10. Around Everything
11. I Would Call You Now
12. Sarah’s Bridge
13. I Won’t Leave
14. Broken
15. Say You’ll Stick Around
16. Meant to Be
Heartfelt, deeply emotional songs of love and broken hearts from singer/songwriter Denison Witmer. The album was produced by The Innocence Mission’s Don Peris and takes on that band’s production dreaminess and ethereal quality. These songs are stripped down, but remain lush and powerful, akin to Mark Kozelek/Red House Painters or Nick Drake, but still unique in their own right.