By now, you’ve probably realized that the site design is finally updated. Sorry about that circa 2001 frame thing. Things were working and I wandered on to other things. In label news, the debut album from Williams Shift is closer to an actual release. Matthew Stone (Soporus/ex-Saxon Shore) and Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore and more) have been working quite hard at the final tweaking. This record is a synth pop dream Stone has been cultivating for quite some time and finally found some opportunity to realize it. It’s all about baseball, memories, and the origins of the universe, you know, the big picture. We’ve been working on a new one-sided LP release that should happen sometime in 2014 from Heather Woods Broderick and Nils Frahm. More details when they’re ready. Nils has a new album out on Erased Tapes called Spaces. We’ll have the vinyl version in the store when it is finally released. In the meantime, his albums The Bells and Felt are available and highly recommended, the perfect soundtracks for a snowy winter. I’ll be shipping out orders through 21 December, resuming after the new year. If you are ordering something for a Christmas present and would like…Continue readingUpdates