UFO Över Lappland

UFO Över Lappland from Umeå, Sweden are an instrumental kraut-rock band in the vein of Neu!, Amon Düül II, or early Kraftwerk, but with some post-rock sensibilities. We’re proud to re-release UFO Över Lappland’s self-titled debut album on cd/LP. The original cassette sold out very quickly in Sweden and was then picked up for cd/LP by Germany’s Sulatron Records. The original vinyl pressing of the album has sold out and, having listened to this album consistently for the last couple of years, I knew it needed to be re-issued in the US. For the btv version, the audio was cut to lacquer by Bob Weston at his Chicago Mastering Service and will be pressed on space purple/pink swirled vinyl. Their follow-up album will be released in 2021 on Burnt Toast Vinyl, as well.

We are presented with four fairly lengthy instrumental tracks, fashioned from long jams and distilled down to these awesome songs presented here, on this their first record. The album starts with the twelve plus minute epic that is ‘Keep On Keepin’ On Space Truckin’, a mission statement if ever there was one, with Hawkwind immediately springing to mind, combined with the motorik, pulsating rhythms of say Neu. The grinding, gnarled bass often doing the job of the lead guitar during some of the passages; it’s heavy but not loose, propelling itself ever spaceward in a questing fashion, plenty of bubbling synth. ‘JaeDeJae’, follows this tremendous album opening song and is a little shorter being only seven minutes long, but they do cram a lot into it, sonar bleeps and controlled feedback, give way to an altogether funkier beast, a tremendous locked groove rhythm section, providing a bedrock for some fine guitar and synth playing, unlike a lot of space rock, they achieve a very focused sound, oh and it rocks like a bastard!

‘Podzol’, is more laidback, it gradually coalesces, forming an interesting piece of music, again a tight rhythm section gels and provide a bedrock for some more sonic invention, glimmering guitar tones, burbling synths, tribal drums and grinding bass, all lock together at various place to fine effect. The final song on the vinyl edition ends with ‘Nothing That Lives…Has Such Eyes’, it announces itself with another heavy, knotty, rhythm section, a real steady motorik groove is established early on, which twists and mutates a few times throughout its ten minutes, again allowing the guitar and synth to provide some fine astrally inclined melodies…As debut albums go, it’s one of the finest in the genre that I’ve heard, highly recommended.

— Andrew Young, The Terrascope

the music is incredible!

Bob Weston

We’re taking pre-orders now and the orders should ship in mid-November or so.