BTV080 Starflyer 59 : Ghosts of the Future 7″ Box Set

Starflyer 59
Ghosts of the Future (btv080)
Buy Online | 10 7″ box
Track listing:
A Side
B Side
C Side
D Side
Pearl of Great Price (Remix)
E Side
Minor Keys
F Side
Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want
G Side
H Side
I Side
Mr. Martin
J Side
Mr. Martin (acoustic)
K Side
I Love You Like the Little Bird
L Side
Mall Monarchy
M Side
N Side
Guitar Man
O Side
Black Jacket
P Side
Broken Arm
Q Side
R Side
Gangs of Riverside
S Side
God Forbid
T Side
original subscription series e-mail announcement:
Starflyer 59 is the ultimate fan’s band, adored and upheld by a faithful following, kept like a secret for 13 years running. Now, for the dedicated devotee, comes the ultimate collection: in the grand tradition of the SubPop singles club, Wedding Present’s 12 7″ in one year, or Public Image Ltd.’s Metal Box, Burnt Toast Vinyl is thrilled to announce the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future series.

The collection consists of a total of 10 7″s, broken out over four individual shipments. 2 will arrive in July, 2 more in September, then 3 in both November and January. Each slipcase will be letter-pressed with specially-designed artwork (from the HYMY Industries design firm), and the first shipment will come with a box built to contain the complete collection (as if anything will actually be able to contain it!).

Then there’s the music — each A-side boasts demo versions of songs from the forthcoming Starflyer full-length; each B-sided is a track exclusive to this collection. It’s like being in the studio with the band as they piece together the new record. If you pre order at the too-good-to-resist price of $59.59 (postage paid, working out to about $5/7″ or so), your set will be pressed on colored vinyl, guaranteed. Later orders run the risk of suffering in the darkness of regular black vinyl. The price will increase after the initial shipment and with each subsequent shipment as a “doubter’s tax.” Not to imply that there are doubters among the faithful. To add further early ordering incentive, Jason Martin will be autographing inserts for the first 100 orders.

For more than 10 years running, Starflyer has trounced disbelief with one classic pop song after another. No new kinda story, indeed.” Additionally, for the super fans, a super limited number of test pressing subscriptions (only 15, hand numbered) will be available for $100.59 postage paid. While this seems like an extravagant amount of money to pay for a series of 7″, you are purchasing the rights to hear the test pressings when the band and label hear them and you will receive any error test pressings that result. Unfortunately, these are only on black vinyl, but your subscription will also feature the complete artwork, inserts, and box.

We’ve been actively pursuing this project for almost a year and a half. Many thanks to those who have contributed ideas, feedback, and inspiration, people like Jason Martin, Jeff Cloud, Will Stichter, Ethan Tripp, Gockley, Matthew Stone, Andrew Horton, and Joseph Keyes. btv couldn’t be more serious or more excited about this project.

The colored vinyl all sold out, with black being all that remains. The wooden boxes were built and embossed by a now defunct cigar box company. The series also shipped with two complimentary inserts. The resulting album was Starflyer 59’s Dial M, also available on vinyl from btv.