BTV044 Don Peris : Ten Silver Slide Trombones

Don Peris
“Ten Silver Slide Trombones” (btv044)
Track listing:
1. Spin
2. Firefly
3. Catherine-Anee
4. Your Friend
5. Butterfly
6. Ten Silver Slide Trombones
7. Anytime At All
8. Help Me Out
9. Banjos And Trampolines
10. Pennsylvania
11. Clement
12. Far Or Near
From the innocence mission’s guitarist, Don Peris, comes a spare and brave collection of original songs that are sad and strange, warm and full of wonder.

Peris began this recording effort during the innocence mission tour in support of Glow. As he would journal during the tour, he would add melodies to part of the entries. Over time, he pieced the bits and pieces together to form the songs that make up Ten Silver Slide Trombones. Don plays all of the instruments, his trademark guitar, but also banjo, bass, drums, and organ. Many of the albums songs are biographical, about specific people, events, and places and a few are written especially for his son and personal friends.

The influence of Neil Young and Nick Drake shine through these recordings that are built around Don’s guitar and comforting voice. Though Peris has recorded with, and produced others, he finds it hard to categorize his own music. “I guess there are phrases like neo-folk, or sad-folk, or post-modern…this is more like post-Vatican 2.”

Don learned guitar, in part, from the nuns at his parish school. “I was asked to participate in the weekly school liturgies, which was very exciting and meaningful, and I learned some very groovy nun strums. Sister Terez even helped me figure out “Pinball Wizard”, when I was in 6 th grade.”

Since 1989 Don and his wife Karen, natives of Lancaster, PA, have written and recorded songs with their group the innocence mission. They have 4 major label releases and have toured with Natalie Merchant, EmmyLou Harris and 16 Horsepower, among others.