BTV091 Starflyer 59 : The Changing of The Guard LP/7″

Starflyer 59
The Changing of the Guard (btv091)
Buy Online | gatefold LP/7″
Track listing:
Side A
Side A 01. Fun Is Fun
02. Shane
03. Time Machine
04. Trucker’s Son
05. The Morning Rise/ Frightening Eyes
Side B
06. I Had a Song for the Ages
07. Coconut Trees
08. CMAR
09. Kick the Can
10. Lose My Mind
Side B
11. Follow Me
Side B
12. Coconut Trees (Acoustic Version)
You have come to expect Starflyer 59 to be the most reliable, most dependable, yet most undeniably unpredictable messengers of album after album of quality independent rock tunes. Over ten albums deep, over fifteen years time, from the early guitar-heavy shoegazing era to the ethereal buy viagra online moodiness of The Fashion Focus years to the latest incarnations and recreations of themselves as keyboard-driven masters of chorus, this is and always will be a band who will deliver great songs with new sounds. The latest installment, The Changing Of The Guard, is no exception to Starflyer  59’s glowing catalogue. Featuring the songs: “Shane” and “Trucker’s Son”. The vinyl version is in a deluxe thick tip-on gatefold jacket on clear vinyl with yellow wisps and comes with a bonus 7″ on marbled vinyl with two bonus tracks.