BTV113 Lee Bozeman : The Majesty of the Flesh

Lee Bozeman
“The Majesty of the Flesh” (btv113) one-sided LP
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Track listing:

1. The Majesty Of The Flesh
2. I Am My Beloved
3. Nice Touch
4. The Sound Of The Orchestra

Lee Bozeman the former front man of Luxury releases his first proper solo effort. This is a stunning collection of songs produced by Taylor Muse (of Quiet Company). Recorded at Test Tube Audio in Austin, TX, and mixed by Matt Goldman. The 12″ vinyl is a co-release with our pals at Velvet Blue Music.  It’s on clear blue vinyl with a beautiful etching as the B side.

Lee Bozeman began his musical career with a pair of maracas in the ’90s. That quickly evolved into writing, recording, and singing for the fabled Atlanta indie band Luxury, which continued to make music until 2015. There is a documentary film about the band’s career being completed now.

During all this time, Bozeman has recorded and performed under different monikers outside of Luxury. This year, we find him recording what may be his first proper solo release, going simply by Lee Bozeman. Recording will take place this February in Austin at Test Tube Audio. Joining him for production will be Taylor Muse (of Quiet Company) and engineer Kevin Butler.

Velvet Blue Music label owner Jeff Cloud states, “I’ve been a fan for so long. Having the opportunity to work with Lee recording new music, in a proper studio, and with total artistic freedom is going to be amazing. It’s a check off my bucket list.”

Lee tells us that, “As always, there is hope that these new songs will be a fresh approach to the old themes of long-term relationships, the majesty of the body, belief or unbelief, and the current mood of our country in light of our political realities. There are references to pieces of literature and art, public speeches, and common nostalgia.”

His influences, artists like The Smiths, Arvo Pärt, Unrest, and Leonard Cohen, sometimes find their way into his song craft, but in the end it is always unmistakably Lee Bozeman. All along, it has been the pursuit of saying something true that has been the crux of both his music and work.