Spring Update

I’m back from an amazing trip to Asia where I finally got to meet the folks in in person. We had such an amazing time experiencing Seoul. I went on with my friends Ben and Willy to Osaka and Tokyo for another week. Such a great trip making new friends. The album from Williams Shift has been plated and we’ve gotten a test pressing for the A/B side. We’re waiting on the test pressing for the C/D side. We’re hoping to have a photo shoot for the album art very soon. We’re working on artwork for the vinyl version of a new Bosque buy lexapro online Brown album entitled Us that should be ready in the next few months. We’re excited to be a part of their new album. Like we’ve mentioned, we’re also releasing the vinyl version for Mike Sempert’s album MidDream in conjunction with our friends at Velvet Blue Music. Might I also direct you to a couple of releases from our good friends at Sounds Familyre? Ortolan’s Covered In Black is an excellent and catchy indie pop album worth your attention. Dan Zimmerman’s Dreams of Earth is a bit of a folky inspired rock album in…Continue readingSpring Update

BTV096 : Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den
Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den (btv096)
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Track listing:
1. 2
2. Bleu Bulb Light
3. Biidankil
4. Pacific
5. 6
6. Secret Police
7. Bug Dance
8. Beach
9. a Promise (LP only)
10. Universe Factory
11. Blue Marble
12. Dool
13. Beer From Holland
14. Opium Den
15. Idiots (CD only) makes experimental ambient and electronic music with catchy pop hooks and lyrics sung in or processed from their native Korean. is a collective of artists, graphic designers, fashion designers, and musicians who claim they are poets and drinkers. They also claim that they will do anything but murder for cash. It’s sort of difficult to say what they are; they’re not really a band, they’re not really a magazine, and their CDs have never really been released as official albums, but as supplements to their magazine/art book publication Monthly Vampire. Not to mention that the Monthly Vampire isn’t even really monthly at all… We guess that’s why they stick to the expression ‘drinkers’ to describe themselves. Who cares, anyway, they’ve been the coolest guys around the Seoul underground for ten years now, or at least they’ve pretended to be, hosting various events and performances to showcase their live performances.Burnt Toast Vinyl first learned of the South Korean band through their contribution to the elegant, but overlooked 2001 film Take Care of My Cat. It was released in the US in late 2002 and on DVD during 2003. Matthew Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) saw the film and made sure to pay attention during the credits to find out who was on the soundtrack. For nearly two years, Stone began to track down everything he could find from the band through file sharing outlets since their material had never been released in the US and only rarely released in their native South Korea.

After finding a few tracks from a kindly Korean over Limewire, Byul, as they were initially called and means Star in Korean, became the subject of legend and lore in the btv camp. Over drinks, we would often wonder about the band and if we could ever meet them or do a release. Then, in 2005, we discovered the newly created website. The band renamed to put distance between themselves and a K-pop star and started to put out information about their music and releases. We were in contact as soon as we found the site and began to discuss collaborating.

Soon, large parcels of releases were exchanged. It turns out that there are several Monthly Vampire releases that are the creative outlet for, a truly artistic and music organization. We all felt that we were on the same wavelength and planned out a future release.

The initial plan was to make an LP for Europe and the U.S. The problem was finding the time to make a proper album that felt right and represented As additional magazine publications and tracks were released during the five years that passed, the album was always part of the plan. Now, Burnt Toast Vinyl,, and Club Bidanbaem decided to make Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den the first official album internationally and domestically. The tracks were selected from the compact discs supplemented in the irregular publication ‘Monthly Vampire, A Magazine’ (which is not really monthly at all) and from various EPs.

The double-jacketed LP has 14 tracks on it, including the track ‘A Promise’, which is not included with the CD. The CD is a single audio disc with 14 tracks on it, including the track ‘Idiots’, which is not on the LP. began as a loose group of friends who occasionally had drinking sessions together. They were young and foolish back then, which made them brave. Out of nowhere they started drawing sketches for a magazine, in which they put in rough records of our friends. In turn, the magazine helped them find even more friends. Secret Stories Heard From A Girl In An Opium Den is a collection of stories and sounds from such activities. And are still making things together with old and new friends as foolish drinking buddies.

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