BTV042 Unwed Sailor : Firecracker

Unwed Sailor
“Firecracker” (btv042)
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Track listing:
1. Firecracker
2. Ruby’s Wishes
3. Snowcaps
4. Once in a Blue Moon
After years of recording and performing with the prog-core Roadside Monument and then joining Pedro the Lion long enough to perform on their debut album, Jonathan Ford, bass player, longed for an outlet to perform bass oriented songs that didn’t fit with either band. He eventually decided to quit Pedro and move to Chicago. Just before moving he invited his friends David Bazaan (Pedro the Lion), KC Wescott (The Vogue), and Melissa Palladino (who has recorded and performed with Damien Jurado, Jen Wood, and Danielson Famile) to help his songs come alive as Unwed Sailor. The “Firecracker EP” was recorded by Blake Wescott (Sarah Shannon, The Vogue, Saltine, etc) in September 1998 at Casa Recording Co., Seattle Washington. The album was originally released on Seattle’s Made In Mexico label along with other groundbreaking records , such as Pedro the Lion’s “It’s Hard to Find a Friend”. Unwed Sailor has since released a full length “The Faithful Anchor”, but the “Fircracker EP” is where it all begins. It is a subtle, sublime post- rock instrumental opus.

Unwed Sailor’s debut recording re-issued on vinyl (70g red) for the first time and in a special digipak version. Firecracker is a groundbreaking effort in instrumental music and features Johnathon Ford with Melissa Palladino (Danielson Famile), K.C. Wescott (Seldom), and Dave Bazaan (Pedro the Lion).