BTV116 Blodet : Kristallpalatset

Kristallpalatset (btv116) cd/cass
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Track listing:
1. Solstorm (12:40)
2. Kristallpalatset (11:45)
3. Ocean (10:48)

Blodet was formed in the small northern Swedish town Skellefteå in early 2014. A longing for huge waves of sound and dissonant chords and being bored by traditional song structures was and still is the reason for Blodet‘s existence.

Their new ep Kristallpalatset started with only one drum beat and one chord and slowly grew into two blissful pieces during gigs and intense rehearsals in the first six months of 2017. It was recorded live in the studio with just a few overdubs.

Blodet has been described as balancing on the edge between Swans and Sonic Youth or the more noisy side of instrumental post punk and post rock.

“Far from the traditional. Full of contrasting sounds.”–

”Hypnotic and wonderful”, [about the song “Ocean”]– 

”Northern swedes are by far the best when it comes to monotonous, dark music in the post genres”–