Preparation Age etching

If you haven’t yet purchased your copy of Mike Adams At His Honest Weight’s Preparation Age LP, there are still copies available for order at the btv online store or available at your local indie record store. If you have gotten a copy or seen some photos of Chad Serhal’s very excellent etching, you may want to know more about it all. Mike made a short post and Mike and Chad have finished a video documenting the process. The pinball-machine design was created and etched by my friend Chad Serhal. The vinyl manufacturing plant sent a blank lacquer to Chad, who carved the design into the lacquer using some exacto knives and other sharp tools. After that, the lacquer was plated with nickel and a stamper was made. From there, the stamper was used to press the design into each copy of the vinyl record. This was Chad’s first ever lacquer/vinyl etching (though I’ve seen him do some pretty outstanding wood carvings before). He lamented to me that there were no instructional or how-to videos online about vinyl etching (it’s mostly done by lasers these days, not people’s hands). So, Chad and I made this video to put online in case some other…Continue readingPreparation Age etching