BTV069a Foxhole : Push/Pull

Push/Pull (btv069a)
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Track listing:
1. Wake up, Get Dressed, We’re Sinking
2. Torrents
3. Portsmouth
4. Forgiving Monarch
5. Song for Wesley

The album was self recorded at The Annex, The Sanctuary, and Justin’s coffeeshop in Bowling Green, KY and mixed and mastered by Jason in his Nashville studio. Early in the year, Foxhole will be starting work early on their sophomore full-length to be released on Burnt Toast Vinyl. We the Wintering Tree will also be re-issued on Burnt Toast Vinyl during 2007.

This is part of a four instrumental band series where each band was commissioned to fill an LP side with new music. Burnt Toast Vinyl will be releasing the four bands together as one double-LP set, but also as individual cdeps. The series includes Foxhole’s Push/Pull, The Magic Lantern’s s/t, Soporus’ Atómové Elektrárne, and Questions in Dialect’s The Ghost Wishes to Speak.