Williams Shift : We Were Wonderers

This has been a long time coming, but now we’re ready to announce Williams Shift  We Were Wonderers

Williams Shift is a new project from Matthew Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) and Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore, Small Signals).  We Were Wonderers was recorded in various home studios, produced and mixed by Grammy award winning producer Roessner in conjunction with Stone, and features the vocalist Jill Purdy. Williams Shift comes to life as an outgrowth of the poppiest elements incorporated in songs recorded as members of the instrumental band Saxon Shore combined with the concept of the “Williams Shift” where defenders would align themselves to better field naturally pulled hits from Boston slugger Ted Williams. The band blends soaring synth pop influences with an ever-expanding and spiraling Williams mythology and weight of the Cosmos. Captivated by theories of human cryonic suspension and the cagey details post-Williams mortem, the band embraces an actively dreaming suspended head and an alternate future of Williams’ awakening. His frozen head orbits the earth on a satellite with other cryonically frozen beings, a tragic Greek chorus echoing Williams’ thoughts through Brian Wilson-esque (musician, not reliever) melodies. This is an ode to melody, baseball, and the universe with a hefty dose of artistic license and imagination.

We Were Wonderers is available for pre-order as a 2xLP / cassette package. The 2xLP features a 4th side etching from John Ringhofer (Half-handed Cloud). The vinyl is pressed on blue vinyl with white marble veins and white vinyl with blue marble veins and presented in a gatefold jacket. The cassette is a limited edition instrumental version of Wonderers and released in conjunction with our good friends at Flannelgraph Records. The cassettes are also available directly from Flannelgraph by themselves. Cds are also available for pre-order and the digital version will arrive in conjunction with release to stores in March 2015. Cassettes will ship separately from the 2xLP when they arrive in mid-December and the 2xLPs should ship out in early 2015 for all pre-orders.