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Spring Update

I’m back from an amazing trip to Asia where I finally got to meet the folks in in person. We had such an amazing time experiencing Seoul. I went on with my friends Ben and Willy to Osaka and Tokyo for another week. Such a great trip making new friends.

The album from Williams Shift has been plated and we’ve gotten a test pressing for the A/B side. We’re waiting on the test pressing for the C/D side. We’re hoping to have a photo shoot for the album art very soon.

We’re working on artwork for the vinyl version of a new Bosque Brown album entitled Us that should be ready in the next few months. We’re excited to be a part of their new album.

Like we’ve mentioned, we’re also releasing the vinyl version for Mike Sempert’s album MidDream in conjunction with our friends at Velvet Blue Music.

Might I also direct you to a couple of releases from our good friends at Sounds Familyre? Ortolan’s Covered In Black is an excellent and catchy indie pop album worth your attention. Dan Zimmerman’s Dreams of Earth is a bit of a folky inspired rock album in the realm of Leonard Cohen or Nick Cave.


Williams Shift update!

The wonderful John Ringhofer has finished the etching for the 4th side of the Williams Shift 2xLP. Test pressings should be coming as soon as there is space in the pressing queue!


Williams Shift

Lacquer masters for the forthcoming Williams Shift album We Were Wonderers are at the pressing plant and our good friend John Ringhofer is currently working on the etching for the 4th side. We’re hoping for some test pressings soon!

Williams Shift is the synth pop project helmed by Matthew Stone (Soporus, Saxon Shore) with (Grammy award winning engineer) Stephen Roessner (Saxon Shore), Matt Thomas, and Jill Purdy. This has been a long-time dream for a project that honors the defensive infield shift inspired by a Ted Williams plate appearance and Ted Williams’ life and death, especially his cryonically preserved head and the resulting existential and philosophical ramifications. The album is a story of love lost, remembrance, baseball, and the cosmos told through the perspective of Ted’s frozen head floating in space. Titled We Were Wonderers, the album will be released as a 2xLP with a 4-side etching along with digital downloads available in all of the normal locations. Our good friends at Flannelgraph Records will also be releasing a special instrumental version of the album on cassette.

By the way, I’m tweeting at @burnttoastvinyl and facebooking at is you want to stalk btv in more of the modern ways.