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There is a nice feature in the Ft. Worth weekly about Bosque Brown. Mara and Ryan were good sports and got up super early to take me to the airport.
I just got back from SXSW in Austin. I rode down from Ft. Worth with Ryan and Mara and stayed with my good pal Brian for the whole time.
On Wednesday night, Ben snuck me backstage for the Serena Maneesh show at Emo’s.
Thursday, Brian and I made a pilgrimage to the Texas Chili Parlor and it was just like old times. I was off to see the film Jumping Off Bridges which had the Bosque Brown song “Fire Fight” on the soundtrack. We got to meet up with Daniel Gill after the film who helped coordinate the soundtrack for the movie, as well as Kat (Writer/Director/Co-Producer) and Stacey (Co-Producer) from the film. The film nearly sold out the 1200 seat Paramount Theater in downtown Austin after selling out the first showing. I found some of the magic in going to SXSW when Mara, Ryan, Winston, and I were wandering through the streets and glanced up to see Matt from Anathallo. I was complaining that the btv fantasy baseball league draft was later that night and Brett from Anathallo came out to join the conversation. I had forgotten which guy from Anathallo was the “baseball guy”, but it was Brett and he won the btv fantasy league last year. Weirdly enough, Brett’s teamname is Satchel Paige France in the league and Page France was standing behind us on the street, so we made quick introductions. Completely bizarre. Later on, as I was waiting to draft my team, I looked up to see my Danish friend Jan walking down the street. He and his wife Sarah Hepburn were here for a small tour and a showcase at SXSW. It had been a few years since I last saw them and a great surprise. So, we chatted while I drafted away. (I’m resting on the Baseball Prospectus wizardry and hope that will work out.) Later on, Sarah, her friend Lori, and I went off to see the mighty Norwegians Hurra Torpedo as they pounded out their rock set using a refrigerator, several stoves, and a washing machine for percussion. Very strange and funny, but also amazing. (Ben Volta, you are jealous! ) This was also the only show that I had to pay for at SXSW since I was relying on my mooching and sneaking skills to make it without an official badge or wristband. Later on, we all met up for a late night Damien Jurado show. He played as a three piece with Eric Fisher on drums, mostly, with some keyboard and guitar parts, and Jenna Conrad as his cellist. It really sounded good that way.
I met a bunch of Redeye distributed label owners on Friday. Hello to everyone from Friendly Fire, Stop, Pop, and Roll, Maggadee, Q Division, Eenie Meenie, and Kanine. I bowed out of SXSW to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Brian, his girlfriend Liz, his brother Ken (that I hadn’t seen in like 10 years), and all of Ken’s friends. I made it over to see Sarah play with her full band and back as the St. Patrick’s party was winding down.
On Saturday, I became a member of the River City Bar-B-Q team at the competition that was held at the Rodeo. The Rodeo and SXSW are always held during the same week, apparently. Brian, Liz, and I formed Team Shrimp and had a lot of fun slicing and dicing and making it happen. It’s a fund-raising even to raise money for an Austin-based scholarship fund and a nice chance to cook up some good barbeque. I made it down to SXSW in time to see Johnathon play a party with Ester Drang. Saturday night was the big Bosque Brown showcase at 0

Denison and I made the trip up to NYC and arrived right on time for the start of the Yankees/Blue Jays game. I think someone needs to explain the supposed charm of Yankee Stadium to me. The only stadium nearly as crappy that I’ve ever been to that hasn’t already been imploded is the one in Oakland. But, it was at least a worthwhile trip. After, I showed off Two Boots Pizza and we each had a slice of the Bayou Beast which has BBQ shrimp, crawdads, and cajun sausage on it. We got to the Sufjan show and met up with Cake and Nicole before mingling backstage in true rockstar form. It was great to see so many old friends…Mike Kauffmann and Liz Janes, James MacAlister and Jeff Shoop from Ester Drang, Sufjan, John Ringhoffer, and everyone else in the Illinoisemakers who I’d either met before or just met last night. It was fake facial hair and fake tattoo night. I already had the real facial hair, but John gave me a hott wizard ‘too on my arm. It’s super sweet and the sharpie doesn’t seem like it’s going to wash away too soon. Anyhow, Sufjan and gang played quite a few songs from Illinois broken up by a few Illinois cheers, it being “Spirit Week” and they being dressed up as cheerleaders. The Bowery Ballroom was super packed and a bit uncomfortable, but it was worth it, including the late night drive back home.
Philadelphians, come out to see Unwed Sailor tonight at the Khyber. We’ll have a little birthday celebration for a certain old man.
Oh My Rockness has the Chicago Saxon Shore show as the only recommended Chicago show this week.

I’m still in Singapore for the next week or so. I went to Bangkok with my friends Justin and Sanna over the weekend and am off to Taipei to see my friend Ben this weekend. Matthew has been keeping up with the mail order and I’ve been trying to keep up with e-mail. I’ll get caught up a bit more tonight. In release news, the Mt. Eerie : Live in Copenhagen 3xLP co-release with Washington Inc. is available in stores beginning today, 18 January. These are still available from btv and Washington Inc., as well. On 1 February, Ester Drang : Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes one-sided LP will be available in stores.
Saxon Shore have finished their new ep, Luck Will Not Save Us from a Jackpot of Nothing. It’s completely mixed and mastered. Ben Volta is finishing up the artwork and he’s almost done. It’s looking good. The re-issue of Saxon Shore’s Be a Bright Blue is on its way, as well, along with Bosque Brown Plays Mara Lee Miller. These will all be available on the website shortly and in stores later this spring through Redeye Distribution.
Unwed Sailor’s Magic Hedge will be re-issued on cd later this year. More details when they’re available. Johnathon is on tour with Chase Pagan this spring playing bass.
June Panic has finished recording his one-sided LP and the master is on its way.

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