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a lily “i am to you”

James from yndi halda’s solo project is a lily. Here is the video for his song “i am to you.”


yndi halda “dash and blast (first half)”

yndi halda “dash and blast (first half)” live. Video edited by Simon Pearson-Wood, taken from live footage filmed in Europe in April 2007.


Bosque Brown, Unwed Sailor, Yndi Halda, Emperor X

Thanks to everyone who came to see Mara and Gina play as Bosque Brown at CMJ this year. Baby has now been released in Europe on Fargo Records.

Unwed Sailor is preparing to hit the road for the first time in 2009. Johnathon will also be taking his Native Lights project out to open for the tour. Dates are being posted to the website now, so be sure to see them when they roll into your town.

Yndi Halda have been working on some demos and getting ready for another album.

I’m having an excellent afternoon. I was over at the Emperor X website and realize that The Blythe Archives Vol. 2 is available for download. Go get it, it will change the fate of your afternoon, too. To say that I love Emperor X is an understatement.