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It’s been a really hectic time. Apologies to everyone in Boston who missed out on seeing Yndi Halda. They had to cancel the show due to van problems. They made a valiant attempt at taking a train to the show, but it didn’t work out. They’ll make up for it the next time they’re in the US, for sure. Thanks to everyone who so fully supported Yndi Halda’s month in the US, everyone who came out to the shows and helped with places to stay, and especially to Bojan for booking, Alex in Williamsport for booking them at a new venue, Tim in Lancaster for taking a chance at a gallery show, Nathan in Virginia for getting two solid shows, Jamie in Jackson for delivering shirts, Johnathon for helping set up the Tulsa show super last minute, Jason for driving them around, and Commissioner and Willis for loaning gear. I’m sure there are more folks who should be thanked, too, that I may not even know about. It was great getting to see them one last time in NYC with Caspian at Piano’s on Saturday. It was also my birthday and a big crew of us attended the Phillies/Dodgers game earlier in the day. Burnt Toast Vinyl flashed briefly on the scoreboard and we were excited.
There are some Yndi Halda buttons and t-shirts from the tour that are going to be on sale in the online store, in case you missed them on tour. The shirts are basically the design that is in the webstore now, but is white on heather grey and a second design which is a crane on either cranberry or raspberry shirts, depending on the size. If you’re itching to buy, order the existing shirt and e-mail to say which new design you’d like and we’ll work it all out. The crane shirts are hand-printed, by the way.
Starflyer 59’s Dial M was mastered to lacquer and is in the process of being plated. Denison Witmer’s Carry the Weight is en route to be mastered to lacquer with a bonus track. We’ll be having a special test pressing sale for both very shortly. Test pressing subscribers to the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ set will get first dibs on the Dial M test pressings. This will be a super limited edition run for both albums and you will get to hear the vinyl at nearly the same time the bands and I do.

Yndi Halda are bringing the rock to Texas at the moment. Austin tonight to wrap up the Houston/Denton/Austin trifecta. Things have been going well and I’ve been scrambing to get them more shirts and records on the road. Willis and I are screenprinting more tomorrow night to keep up with the high demand. They’re looping back to the east coast from Texas after the weekend.
Foxhole are coming from Bowling Green/Nashville for a quick show in Richmond, VA on Friday and then to Ski Roundtop in Lewisberry, PA for a festival on Saturday. I can’t wait to see them play, it’s been forever.
Starflyer 59 vinyl is en route for lacquer mastering, the first step in vinyl manufacturing. The extra track is called “Majic” for those keeping track and will round out the B side.
Soporus artwork is at the factory now, as well. We’re going to be pressing up 24,110 in the heavy gatefold cardboard jackets similar to Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars.
Denison Witmer is working on a bonus track for the vinyl version of Carry the Weight. We’re trying to get this off for lacquer mastering early next week.

There were a few updates to the Yndi Halda tour itinerary. Updated dates are posted on the website, take a look. A venue change in Connecticut, more details for the Lynchburg, VA show, and a cancellation of the Raleigh, NC show due to the venue closing.