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I posted new dates for the Unwed Sailor tour in late June and early July, Foxhole’s tour starting today, and Yndi Halda’s dates in July for the UK.

Matthew, Matt, and I went to see Mt. Eerie, Jason Anderson, and Thanksgiving last night. It’s always great to see Phil play. Jason was insane live, playing his set without a microphone in the middle of the crowd.
Tonight is Isis with Dalek and Zombi.
For all of our UK friends, James from Yndi Halda will be performing as a lily in Cardiff on Thursday and again in Ashford on 18 May.

James from Yndi Halda has a side project called A Lily. His first release wake:sleep will be out on Dynamophone Records in June. It’s over an hour of ambient guitar and electronics, a very beautiful record. I’ll try to have copies available from the online store as soon as they are available.
Thanks to everyone who came to see Half-Handed Cloud, Vollmar, and Lenny Smith on Saturday. I had a lot of fun hanging out, especially when John, Justin, and I were aimlessly cruising around Northern Liberties looking for a tacqueria. After a couple of phone calls and stopping to ask a few people for directions, we eventually had some really amazing food. John has a tour only Half-Handed Cloud ep available, so be sure to get that when he plays in a town near you.