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I’m all about Emperor X ever since I saw the show in Philadelphia a couple months back. I’ve been listening to Central Hug/Friend Army/Fractal Dunes on Discos Mariscos. You can hear some of his songs on the Emperor X myspace page. Anyhow, Chad is working on a series of recordings called “The Blythe Archives” and one of the releases in the series will be a one-sided LP for Burnt Toast Vinyl.
Yndi Halda has finished the audio for Enjoy Eternal Bliss and it should be mastered this week. The artwork is also finished, too, and I’ll be organizing it to send off to the printer for the US/UK versions.
Oliver Chapoy from Saxon Shore was once a member of Shai Halud. ’nuff said. Does this prove their hardcore cred?
I’m going to Boston to visit the great Dr. Randall from Jetenderpaul. There will be rumors and rumblings of future recordings, I am sure…Are they the most awesome btv band that you’ve never heard? Quite possibly.

The jackets for June Panic Raising the Canopy Wire one-sided LP arrived today and they’re looking good.
Yndi Halda is wrapping up the final song for Enjoy Eternal Bliss and the artwork is now done.
Tomorrow, I’m going to catch a special surprise performance by Soporus at Drexel University’s Nesbitt Hall around 6ish. Then, I’m going to see Denison Witmer and Don Peris play in Philadelphia at The Tin Angel. Saturday, Jeremy Enigk at the North Star?

Lots going on here. I was in NC for a couple of days. Then, a vanload of friends and old rockers rode up for the State College Beer Festival. And, I just got back from a couple days in NYC with Lucas and Diana who are visiting from Holland. On Sunday, we met up with Cakeater and saw the free show with Jason Lytle of Grandaddy in Williamsburg. It was a little hot, but the sound was good. The set was pretty low key and the crowd seemed to be pretty out of it, but definitely enjoyable.
I’m expecting copies of Unwed Sailor’s The White Ox back from the factory shortly. They’re getting ready to go on tour on the West Coast shortly.
Saxon Shore have a day off in Philadelphia and then do DC tomorrow night. Then, a hometown show and a jaunt up to NYC and Boston. Be sure to catch the last dates of their tour.
Yndi Halda have wrapped up their UK tour. There are reviews up for a couple of the shows. One here at Drowned in Sound and one here on the blog Boring Machines Disturbs Sleep. The band is going to wrap up the recording of one more song for their forthcoming album and will be completing final mixes shortly. We’re hoping to get them to the US for some dates this fall.