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Yndi Halda have a couple of videos up now. There’s one from their European tour here and an edit of the first half of “Dash and Blast” here.
I got to see a few friends play shows here in Chicago, the Wiitala Brothers and my friend Sarah visiting from Copenhagen on Saturday and the Hortons and the Coff on Sunday. I’ll be at Unwed Sailor at Schuba’s on Wednesday when they play with Murder By Death. I’ll also be eating more than my share of sausages at Hot Doug’s.
If all goes well, test pressings for the first four Starflyer 59 7″ should be arriving today and then going out to all of the test pressing set subscribers. The Commissioner is taking over the role of mail order hero in my absence.

Yndi Halda is going to be on a short tour in Asia surrounding their appearance at the Formoz Festival in Taiwan which also features such notables as Mercury Rev and Yo La Tengo. They’ll be doing shows in Hong Kong and Beijing.
The Starflyer 59 7″ test pressings are supposed to arrive tomorrow. So, if that happens, I’ll be rushing to get everything sent out prior to the holiday.
It also seems like there is some progress made on the Byul recordings. I received a package today with two of their South Korean releases. We’re hoping for a release date in the fall for a Byul record at this point…

We’ve started something new at Burnt Toast Vinyl thanks to Greg’s (from Foxhole) magical programming abilities. When you purchase select btv vinyl releases from the online store, you will be e-mailed a unique code which allows a download of the album as 256kbps mp3s. This is the first step to inserting these unique codes in our vinyl releases available in stores and from our bands on tours. Johnathon (Unwed Sailor) and I have discussed this for a few weeks and this really lines up with the way that most of us at btv would like to buy albums. It’s nice to be able to have the full-sized vinyl artwork in a deluxe format and also be able to get the digital files for portability. Right now, this is available for Unwed Sailor : Circles/The White Ox, Yndi Halda : Enjoy Eternal Bliss, and Saxon Shore : The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore. Those who have purchased these titles over the past few days have already been e-mailed their codes, so hopefully we’ll have all of the kinks worked out shortly. We’re planning to make other titles available as soon as we can get the encoding done. Unwed Sailor : Little Wars will likely be the first btv vinyl release that will have unique codes included with all LPs purchased through retail outlets, from bands, or through btv mail order. Big props to Greg for the coding and high fives to Johnathon for the prodding.
Unwed Sailor hit the ground running on their May dates. Go see them bring the rock.