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The mewithoutYou brother, sister LPs are getting pressed on 30 July now. So, pre-orders should be going out like a week or so after that if all goes well.
Yndi Halda are in Hong Kong right now, preparing to rock all of Asia.

I’m back from Chicago. I spent a lot of my time on planes and trains reading the new Harry Potter book. There were a lot of people walking around with the book and I thought it was kind of funny. I also got to see the Harry Potter movie on the IMAX screen in 3D and that was definitely pretty cool. We went to see some Roller Derby courtesy of the Windy City Rollers and it was pretty entertaining. The ladies really knocked each other around quite a bit. We also ventured over to Kuma’s Korner whose burger menu is named entirely after metal bands. I had The Slayer which was more of a platter than just a burger and it rocked hard. Scout Niblett is a fan of Hott Doug’s because we saw her and her entourage ordering when we got there today. Big love to Doug’s always. I had an ostrich sausage and a crawfish sausage. The man orchestrates some meat magic.
Anyhow, on to label updates and information:
***Yndi Halda are on their way to Asia. Go see them play or I will reveal Harry’s fate…***
Letterpressed covers for Foxhole’s We the Wintering Tree should be to the cd factory soon, so we’ll have some discs ready for pre-sale and promotion in about a month or so. LPs will be a little further out, we’ve been working on what to do with the 4th side and now have a solid idea.
I should have some more news about Starflyer 59 7″ and mewithoutYou LPs momentarily…thanks for your patience.

I’ve posted updated dates for Yndi Halda in Asia as well as some additional Unwed Sailor July dates. There are extensive touring plans for Unwed Sailor underway throughout 2007, so more details as soon as everything is finalized. There should be another European tour this fall.
Thanks to everyone who came out to see Unwed Sailor in Chicago this Saturday. It’s always great to be able to see them play.
Starflyer 59 7″ cover printing is almost done for the first 2 7″. Hopefully I can get some photos online soon, so I can make believers out of all of the doubters.