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Mike Sempert “Oceans of Rock and Roll” premiere

Mike Sempert’s track “Oceans of Rock and Roll” premiered on PopMatters, so head over and take a listen. We’ll be releasing the vinyl for his full-length album MidDream in conjunction with our good friends at Velvet Blue Music. Lacquers have been cut, artwork is complete, and we’re awaiting the test pressings.


Williams Shift update!

The wonderful John Ringhofer has finished the etching for the 4th side of the Williams Shift 2xLP. Test pressings should be coming as soon as there is space in the pressing queue!


Mike Sempert “Good Morning Young Artist”

Burnt Toast Vinyl is going to be releasing the vinyl version of Mike Sempert‘s forthcoming album Mid Dream. Our good friends over at Velvet Blue Music will be releasing the album digitally and on cd which will arrive on 6 May. The vinyl should be ready in time, as well.

Filter Magazine has debuted the track “Good Morning Young Artist,” so take a listen.