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U.S. Maple hit the stage near 12:30 last night and played more than 45 minutes. For those keeping track, I did call JD for him to hear some of the set. This is one of the most unique bands inventing an entirely new musical language. After the show, Willie and I academically compared and contrasted their sounds with the bodie of work from Storm & Stress, Arab on Radar, and Don Caballero. This is what music nerds do after shows, I guess. Willie seems to identify more with Storm & Stress as a favorite, whereas I am really undecided. So, today, I am a bit tired since I had to get up and actually go to work.
Today, I’ll be picking up the repress of Circle of Birds’ s/t cdeps. The first buy tetracycline batch of 1,000 is already sold out through the distributor’s orders, sales at shows, and mailorder. This should be serviced to CMJ radio soon, as well. I’ll also be getting swanky posters for Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs to advertise his tour, albeit slightly later than I was hoping. Covers and inserts for the vinyl version of Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor will be in the shipment as well.
I am hoping to finally see 24 Hour Party People tonight in Philadelphia which chronicles Factory Records from its inception with Joy Division to its later end with The Happy Mondays. I’ve heard lots of good talk about this movie, so hopefully it will be good.

I met up with Denison yesterday afternoon and helped him load up cds for his autumn tour. He has the live tour-only cds with him and covers are arriving on Friday, so most of you who see him on tour will be able to get these cds.
Some very exciting Unwed Sailor news…at least for us…Unwed Sailor’s The Marionette and the Music Box will be released on 11 March 2003 to stores on cd and LP from Burnt Toast Vinyl. The LPs will be available beginning in January and the cds will be available from the band for their late winter/early spring tour dates.
Ester Drang plans are being finalized with the band entering the studio on 3 November. Plans are for this full-length to also be available in March in stores with LPs available beginning in January and cds from the band during their tour dates.
I’ll be seeing U.S. Maple play tonight at the Khyber in Philadelphia after I meet up with The Trouble with Sweeney as they leave for their autumn tour. JD, I’ll be calling from the show to let you hear a bit of the rock, even though you dissed me and didn’t play me any Pretenders or Stones on Tuesday night.

Denison and The Trouble with Sweeney are both making preparations for their tour. Denison plays a date on 12 September and the two bands will be traveling together starting on 13 September for a few days. Be sure to catch them together if you are nearby. Their schedules separate for now, with plans to travel more together in November on the West Coast. Both Denison and The Trouble with Sweeney will be touring heavily all through September, October, and November.
It was a very busy and exciting weekend. Friday, I went to an art closing that happened at the Reset Gallery. There have been discussions about having some more interesting music/experimental events in this space. Saturday was an all day benefit show at Liberty Lands park where The Trouble with Sweeney played with bands like Bardo Pond, Strapping Fieldhands, Sola (members of Need New Body), and more. Lots of friends were in attendance and the refreshments were cheap and plentiful. Sunday, I was subjected, for the first time, to a late night viewing of Six String Samurais. Oh yeah.
Tonight is a trip to Brooklyn to see The Microphones at Pete’s Candy Store.
Johnathon has left Seattle en route to London. He and Nic will be practicing for the Unwed Sailor European Tour that happens in October. Matt Putman will be joining them in a couple of weeks. Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor will be available from stores again starting tomorrow, 10 September. Look for the cd in a record shop near you.

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