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The Trouble with Sweeney : Fishtown Briefcase was #12 most added on CMJ with 33 stations adding the release. Keep listening to your local CMJ station for the summertime sound of the sweeney. I got to see Joey and Charlie play at Pianos in NYC on Sunday. Joey played some Trouble with Sweeney material, a Springsteen cover, and a few of his own songs. He’ll be opening up for Hayden in Philadelphia on Thursday, maybe I’ll see you there. Incidentally, their website is fresh and new up here. I also saw Unwed Sailor play in Wilkes-Barre. They stayed at my house so they could be closer to some guitar shops. Anyhow, the set is a little more aggressive with two guitarists this time around. See them on the tour to hear all of your Marionette favorites played as a new version.

A review of The Trouble with Sweeney : Fishtown Briefcase is up on Pitchfork. Don’t forget their shows in NYC and Philadelphia tonight, Friday, and Sunday.

From The Trouble with Sweeney:
MIKE CONKLIN’S LAST STAND! THIS Friday, June 18th, 9pm The Fire – 4th and Girard (Philadelphia)
The Trouble With Sweeney with The Teeth, National Eye, Adam Arcuragi
Joey Sweeney solo:
THIS Thursday, June 17th Office Ops – Rooftop 57 Thames St, Brooklyn with Dominic East and Merritt Janson.
THIS Sunday, June 19th Pianos 158 Ludlow Street (Lower East Side, Manhattan) with Dominic East
Thursday June 24 7:30pm At The Philadelphia Ethical Society (19th + Ritten House Square) Philadelphia with Hayden.
I watched a lot of 16mm films last night getting ready for an upcoming Reels of White Softly Flow performance. We have some dv footage that Willis and our good friend Ben Volta shot, too. A few of us met last night and planned plans. Ethan is working like an mad scientist electrician short circuiting all kinds of potential instruments. It’s all pretty exciting.
Jess and I saw the new Harry Potter movie this past weekend and it was incredible. Alfonso Cuar

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