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I received the sample books for Unwed Sailor : The Marionette and The Music Box today. They’re looking super hott. Hopefully the full shipment will be arriving in a couple of weeks, these have to be shipped by boat from Iceland. The kind folks at Oddi printing are doing the work. They’ve done most of the McSweeney’s books and were the only printers able to take on our specifications.
I’ve also received the test pressing for Yume Bitsu : Good Vibes one-sided LP and The Six Parts Seven : The Attitudes of Collapse one-sided LP. Things are looking and sounding good. The artwork isn’t yet finished for Yume Bitsu, so that release will happen a little later, but The Six Parts Seven is right on target for June sometime.

Happy Birthday to Nathan (who is 30 today) and Andy today.
The Dodgers have now won 10 games in a row, so I am pretty excited.
The missing etching for Early Day Miners was found, so everything is now underway again for their one-sided LP and The Six Parts Seven one-sided LP.
All Unwed Sailor : The Marionette and The Music Box LPs should be on their way tomorrow to everyone who has ordered and been anxiously awaiting them.

I’ve updated a few things on the web site today, including a new splash page and added some more information about forthcoming releases. Everything should be updated in the next few days.
We’ll start to take pre-orders for the Early Day Miners and The Six Parts Seven one-sided LPs in a few days, as well, with both records being available from mail order in mid-June or so.

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