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We have good test pressings for the Foxhole/The Magic Lantern/Soporus/Questions in Dialect 2xLP finally. Our good friends Will and Matt are working on some letterpress/screen printing designs for the very special LPs covers. We hope to have something ready to ship out in the new year. You don’t have to be a math expert to understand that it’s much more economical to buy the 2xLP than the cdeps…but, by all means, get whatever format is convenient for you. The cdeps are in stock for the holidays…
We also have good test pressings for Yndi Halda Enjoy Eternal Bliss. It won’t be long now.
Europeans…you can now buy the new Efterklang One-Sided-LP in Europe!
If you live in Copenhagen you can find it in these shops:
Sort Kaffe og Vinyl
Sacre Coeur
Mint Records
If you live on the internet you can go to
Or we can ship it to you from the btv online store.

Efterklang one-sided LPs arrived and orders will begin to ship out on Saturday. Finally! We’re super excited to get this one out to all of the pre-orders. These will be available in Denmark very shortly, as well, through Efterklang and their mail order. Unwed Sailor Circles LPs have also arrived, but since these are shipping together with The White Ox LPs it will be a few more weeks. We have the problem on the test pressings figured out.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

After several problems, I finally received good test pressings for Efterklang’s one-sided LP. Should be 2-3 weeks until pre-orders ship. Finally! We’ve been anxious about this release for quite a while.
This is from the Unwed Sailor press release that Fanatic Promotion is circulating to support their tour and thought it was worth posting. Hopefully it entertains you as much as it did Matt Ralph…
Scott Hatch of Burnt Toast Vinyl Reveals What He Loves About Unwed Sailor.
Johnathon Ford leads an ever-changing cast of band members through album releases and tours, and each person he chooses represents a different point in his life. Nothing is ever stagnant with Unwed Sailor, and it takes a label like Burnt Toast Vinyl to allow an artist like Ford to be fluid and adaptable with their music.

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