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Foxhole is the band of the week on the What to Wear During an Orange Alert blog. There’s also a short interview with Foxhole. Foxhole is tentatively planning a short tour at the beginning of May that should loop down through the south from their Bowling Green/Nashville base.
Test pressings for Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars are good and the vinyl should be on track for their touring efforts in late March/April. The vinyl is a 2xLP with 2 additional tracks as the second LP. This will also come with a digital download certificate good for a free mp3 download of all tracks on the vinyl version.
Emperor X is planning some dates in late February and throughout the spring to support The Blythe Archives Volume One and preview some material from the other Blythe Archives.
Dr. Randall Stephens (of Jetenderpaul fame) has his first book out from the Harvard University Press. The book is based on his doctoral thesis and explores the history of Pentacostalism and the Holiness movement in the United States and their affect on American culture. He’s a history professor in Boston at the moment and there are still plans for recording more Jetenderpaul material.

Happy New Year!
The third shipment of the Starflyer 59 Ghosts of the Future 7″ box set has been sent to all subscribers. These should be arriving shortly. I’ve gotten a few e-mails so far asking, but this shipment should have 2 7″ (numbers 5 and 8) and the box. It was supposed to have 3 7″, but due to a pressing schedule error, the 3rd 7″ was bumped from the schedule and scheduled to run after the plant’s holiday shutdown. I started to ship what was available prior to the holidays. The final shipment will have the remaining 4 7″ and special inserts. It should be going out in early February in time for Valentine’s Day. Again, the first 100 subscribers will be getting autographed inserts and we haven’t forgotten the promise.
Promotion is under way for Foxhole We the Wintering Tree. The cd has a retail release date of 4 March and is available in the online store. This is one of our favorite instrumental full-lengths.
Unwed Sailor’s Little Wars is at the factory being pressed. The retail release date for the cd will be 18 March and the LP will follow soon after. We’re expecting vinyl test pressings shortly.
Emperor X The Blythe Archives Volume 1 one-sided LP has arrived from the factory and tour/pre-orders have been shipped.

Unwed Sailor are currently on tour and have dates over the next two weeks throughout the midwest. Go see them play. I’ve also posted some more confirmed dates for another Unwed Sailor tour in late November through mid-December.
Saxon Shore are playing three shows, tonight in Brooklyn, tomorrow in the Philadelphia area, Saturday in Fredonia.
Yndi Halda are playing with Audrey in London on Sunday for everyone in the UK.
Lots of Starflyer 59 test pressings have arrived. All remaining 7″ were sent out yesterday to test pressing series subscribers and they should be arriving tomorrow or Saturday. In the biggest news yet for the series, we have finally decided on where the boxes are going to be manufactured. We’re finalizing the details for the design and hope to have them ready for the third shipment in the series (late November/early December).
The label and cover designs have been sent out for Emperor X The Blythe Archives Volume One one-sided LP. I’ll be posting this for pre-order very soon.
I’m going to be in Chicago this weekend and then Austin for the next two weeks so mail order will be a little slower until I return, but the backlog of orders should be cleared for the most part.