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btv051 Ester Drang : Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes

Ester Drang
“Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes” (btv051)
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Track listing:
1.Easy Money
2. One Hundred Times
3. All the Feeling
4. Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes
Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Ester Drang released their ground-breaking Goldenwest album on Burnt Toast Vinyl in 2001. Soon after those sessions, they went into the studio and recorded “All the Feeling” with Trent Bell (Flaming Lips) for a multi-media compilation that never came to fruition.

This recording features Flaming Lips’ drummer/multi-instrumentalist Steven Drozd on several parts. The project then morphed into a one-sided LP with three additional tracks mixed and completed after their sophomore full-length Infinite Keys was released on Jade Tree in 2003. Aside from an out of print, self-released split 7”, Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes is Ester Drang‘s only available vinyl release to date.

Pleasure Themes and Get Rich Schemes opens with the instrumental track “Easy Money” finding the Drang using electronics far more than normal. When the programmed drum tracks kick in, you realize that this is something very different. Layers of synthesizers are coupled with a simple guitar track and the electronic beats to meet a trumpet part. Drozd’s various contributions to “All the Feeling” result in a fuller, more expansive and lush version than what appears on Infinite Keys. The side closes with the title track showcasing Ester Drang’s signature atmospheric, cinematic sound. Tracks 1 and 4 are originals and Tracks 2 and 3 are alternate versions to those which appear on Infinite Keys.

The album artwork features portrait sketches drawn by singer/guitarist Bryce Chambers and was designed by keyboardist David Motter. Members of Ester Drang have been touring and recording with Pedro the Lion, Sufjan Stevens, Denison Witmer, Starflyer 59, Unwed Sailor, and even Ryan Cabrerra. In addition, several members collaborated with Unwed Sailor’s Johnathon Ford as Circle of Birds (Burnt Toast Vinyl). Ester Drang is planning to record their third full-length in 2005 which will be released on Jade Tree.



btv059 Starflyer 59 : Portuguese Blues One-Sided LP

Starflyer 59
“Portuguese Blues” (btv059)Track listing:
1. Unlucky
2. I Need Some Help
3. Troubles
4. He’ll Leave Me Alone
Starflyer 59’s contribution to the one-sided LP series began with Jason Martin’s desire to return to the rawer, heavy guitar inspired sounds that shaped the original Silver and Gold albums at the beginning of the band’s career. These original 4 songs were recorded in early 2003 and inspired the band to record a full-length in the same vein which became I Am the Portuguese Blues. The full-length features one of the original four tracks, but the other three remain exclusive to this one-sided LP. The obverse etching features a short story by Starflyer friend and music writer J. Edward Keyes.



btv068 Starflyer 59 : Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice LP

Starflyer 59
“Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice” (btv068)
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Track listing:
1 The Contest Completed
2 Easy Street
3 Good Sons
4 A List Goes On
5 Night Life
6 Good Living
7 Softness Goodness
8 Something Evil
9 Longest Line

For their ninth full-length album, California’s Starflyer 59 pick up where 2003’s Old left off, creating their most orchestrated release to date in Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice. It is lush and pop, incorporating a wide range of sounds from the very prominent string arrangements and tasteful inclusion of vocoder effects to dark and dreamy prog synths and some very danceable drum beats. Here, Starflyer 59 founder and mainstay Jason Martin collaborates with drummer/multi-instrumentalist Frank Lenz to create the swan song of his career. The songs channel New Order and Swervedriver with the breathy poppiness of The Smiths, yet Martin and Lenz own these songs.

From their 1993 Silver lo-fi debut, Starflyer 59 have quietly been keeping the shoegazer flame burning for those in the know. With Silver, Gold, and Americana, the band explored the depths of noisy guitar rock, letting off to find their pop sensibilities through The Fashion Focus, Everybody Makes Mistakes, and Leave Here a Stranger. Vinyl versions of The Fashion Focus and Everybody Makes Mistakes on Burnt Toast Vinyl both as LPs with bonus 7” (now out of print). Starflyer 59 briefly visited their old school guitar rockers by way of the exclusive btv one-sided LP Portuguese Blues and related cd-full length I Am the Portuguese Blues.

The perfectly poppy Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice sounds alive on the vinyl version, offered upon red wax.



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