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Some details from Saxon Shore:
“Anyone watching the MLB all star game last night you might’ve heard our songs “Side by Side in this Gentle Descent”, “The Last Days of a Tragic Allegory” and “Marked With the Knowledge” during an interview with Willie Mays in the pregame show.
Click on “VIDEO: Interviewing a legend”
“The Revolution Will Be Streaming” was used in a similar context (not a Willie Mays interview) before the Kentucky Derby on NBC last month.
Also, some new tracks posted here on our myspace including Tyondai Braxtons (BATTLES) remix of “Shaping…” previously only available on Spark Musiq’s Japanese issue of The Exquisite Death.
New music soon… really…”

Did you hear Saxon Shore’s “Marked with the Knowledge” from The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore during the All-Star Game pre-game? I’m rooting for Russell Martin, Brad Penny, and the rest of the National League.
Indiana was a nice visit. It’s always nice to get some Pizza King pizza, Ivanhoe’s ice cream, and some breaded tenderloin sandwiches. We went to Nick’s in Huntington, supposedly the birthplace of the breaded tenderloin, and it was really amazing.

Saxon Shore is playing in Philadelphia tonight at Johnny Brenda’s. Get out and see them rock.
Screen printing/letterpressing for the Starflyer 59 covers is starting tomorrow. Everything is getting exciting.

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