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All I’ve got for today is that Part Chimp’s album I am Come is really great. I think my eardrums are ready to explode.
Oh, and Mt. Eerie’s Live in Copenhagen is nearing the out of print phase here in the US. Mikael at Washington Inc. has more in Denmark for everyone in Europe. He’s good people and will treat you right, too.

High fives to Krister for getting me a copy of the Damien Jurado/Dolorean split 7″ available on their European tour. Big props for introducing me to Red Sparowes.
I’m working the orders to get everything out quick in time for the holidays. I’ve added a Priority Mail option as well as a few new titles including Sufjan’s Illinois LPs, Half-Handed Cloud’s new 7″, a live Starflyer 59 cd, the new Mt. Eerie LP+CD, and the new Thanksgiving 3xLP.

I have the final masters for Unwed Sailor’s The White Ox and Circles. The vinyl will be getting mastered very soon with both being available as a set. Circles will be one-sided with an etching on the back, most likely.
I also have the final master for June Panic’s one-sided LP, as well as the complete artwork, so production for this is also underway. Jeremy is going to have some etching artwork to transcribe very soon.
My friends Lodewijk and Dorien are driving down from Canada. They’re visiting from Amsterdam and will be visiting Philadelphia and NYC.
I’ve been getting the btv compound in order now that my housemate has moved out. The records are getting organized and much easier to find. I found the inserts, labels, and jackets for Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor which will likely get repressed on vinyl shortly. I took the ragged carpet off the stairs last night, so things are really starting to look better. Come to the housewarming on Saturday night while all of the guests are in town…
Mikael and Hannah are arriving from Copenhagen on Monday so we’re all trucking up to NYC to pick them up. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve met up with Mikael. He co-owns Washington Inc. and recorded the Mt. Eerie Live in Copenhagen audio.