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I just added several new dates for Denison Witmer’s April tour with Rosie Thomas. They’ll be joined for a few shows by The Innocence Mission and by Sufjan Stevens. There are also some European dates posted, as well.
The graphics are nearly done for The Trouble with Sweeney’s mini-album Fishtown Briefcase. The video to be added for the interactive portion is being finished and compressed, also.
We’re making some progress on the design and format for the Mount Eerie Live in Copenhagen 3xLP. Hopefully it will be out before summer.

I just don’t know where to start with everything. I just got back from Europe a few hours ago and it feels like it’s been a lot longer than just a week I’ve been away.
First, The Trouble with Sweeney : I Know You Destroy was #1 in another year end top 10 list, this time from the Tuscon Weekly. TTWS will be recording a new ep shortly, featuring the following five songs:
The Amazing Malcolm Smith and His Off-Roading Motorcycle
(A Girl Called) Young Song
Evelyn Rochman
The City Let Me
I Hope Your Sleep Is Dreamless
and enhanced video clips for “Karen” and “Surrey Is A Word I Hardly Ever Use” off I Know You Destroy. No word on the official release date and name of the ep.
Denison Witmer’s Philadelphia Songs will be released in Europe this spring through Sweden’s Bad Taste Records. The deals have all been set and the actual release date and details will be made known shortly. This means that it will be easier to find Denison’s album in Europe and that he should be making a jaunt or two or three over to softly rock your socks off.
Johnathon Ford from Unwed Sailor has hit the road with Decahedron, a new band with Jason and Shelby from Frodus. The Decahedron full-length will be out on Lovitt in April and the touring starts 31 January in DC. There are plans for Unwed Sailor dates in the US later in the Spring.
I don’t believe that I have announced this before, but Burnt Toast Vinyl and Washington, Inc. (Denmark) will be releasing a live performance of Mount Eerie (formerly The Microphones) which my dear friend Mikael recorded last year. It will be a 3xLP box with 5 sides of audio and a sixth side etching. It will be a member of the one-sided LP series and out sometime this spring. The audio has been sent for plates. This is slightly ambitious, but the show is incredible. Afterwards, Mikael and Phil went off to Mikael’s house to record the new song “The Boom”.
Thanks to everyone in Amsterdam for entertaining me: Lucas, Diana, Micke, Sarah, Lodewijk, Dorien, Bas, Rik, Aleke, Joel, Minco, Stephan, Erik, and everyone else. I will never think of Heavy Metal Parking Lot quite the same way or any obscure Southern California punk rock bands from 1990 whose lyrics Lucas and I shouted out loud and clear late last night. Happy birthday to both Lucas and Diana, too. Props to the fine folks at the Prael brewery for the special tour, you are loved. New releases from Rowing on the Lakes of Kanada, At the Close of Every Day, and Sixteen Horsepower (the Olden vinyl) will be added to the btv shortly, thanks to Erik, Minco, and Jos for some trades.

Happy Halloween.
It’s been a week since CMJ and the dust from the excitement has settled. It was nice meeting up with everyone.
There are plans underway for a pretty ambitious release, a triple LP-only live concert from Mount Eerie in Copenhagen. It will be a split release with my good friends at Washington Inc. in Denmark. All of us are sorting out the packaging and artwork with Phil. More details once we have them figured out. The show does sound amazing.
Sufjan Stevens has agreed to contribute to the one-sided LP series. Could be a little Rhode Island ep, we’ll see…
See you all at the West Philadelphia warehouse party tonight for a little White Trash Inc. (Orchestra) performance. I’m off to Punkin Chunkin tomorrow in Delaware with the Garsons, Jess, the Spieses, and maybe more…see you there.