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Randall from Jetenderpaul is having his doctoral thesis published by the Harvard University Press. Congratulations.
Unwed Sailor have a new song from The White Ox streaming on their myspace page. I’m still waiting to hear the final mixes, but think it might be today. Johnathon is just back from a short tour playing bass for Chase Pagan. Nic Tse has arrived in Little Rock from Hong Kong and is going to be the guitarist, along with his boomerang pedal, for the August Unwed Sailor tour.
Saxon Shore are gearing up for their August dates, as well.
Bosque Brown will be playing on Saturday, 13 August in Denton as part of a special Women who rock showcase. They are going to be playing CMJ in September and should have some dates set for the trip out and back. More details once they are ready.

On Friday night, I saw the Rachel’s play in the sanctuary of the Unitarian church here in Philadelphia . They began the set as a 3 piece (piano, cello, viola) without amplification. It sounded amazing and the members are incredible musicians. It had been a long time since I last saw the Rachel’s live and they did not disappoint, the sanctuary was the perfect venue for them. This time, as the previous time, I was thoroughly impressed by the films projected during the performance, including some eerie footage of the NYC blackout. By the way of full disclosure, I ended up meeting Greg King (filmmaker) at a brunch in NYC over 4 years ago, but was very impressed to find that he had done the films shown at the Rachel’s performances.
After the show, a few of us went down the seat to investigate the purported emergence of Two Boots pizza in Philadelphia. It turned out to be a copy cat called Two Red Boots Louisiana style pizza and was closed. They claim to have crawdad/andouille pizza, too, so I’ll have to check it out, but I am suspicious and not sure it will be as good as the Bayou Beast.
Randall from Jetenderpaul is going to be in town for something related to history and we’ll be meeting up. Always good to meet. There were some rumblings about new Jetenderpaul recordings around Christmastime, but nothing concrete to announce.
Saxon Shore is still on tour. Be sure to see them play. The repress of Be a Bright Blue and the new cdep should be back from the factory shortly. Order away…

Jess and I went to Boston to visit Randall and Beth this past weekend. Randall is the editor of Tidal Wave Magazine and in Jetenderpaul. We spent a lot of time swapping cds/mp3s and trying to explore the city, which proved difficult. We did manage to find the Milky Way, an interesting spot with candlepin bowling.
Thanks to Mikael for acquiring the new Bonnie Prince Billy.

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