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Things are extremely hectic here with all of the new records getting ready to go out to stores. Unwed Sailor’s The Faithful Anchor will be distributed by Redeye through btv on 27 August. Circle of Birds cdep and Denison Witmer : River Bends cdep will both go to stores on 10 September. Final packaging designs for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs continue. All American Radio’s artwork is nearly complete. Lots of touring this fall from Denison, The Trouble with Sweeney, Ester Drang, and All American Radio.
Tonight, I’ll be at the Khyber to see AM/FM and the Radar Brothers. Progress is being made by AM/FM and Aspera on one-sided LPs. I’ve heard from both this week, so I’m still excited for early autumn releases for these.

It’s been quite a while since the last update to the site. Things have been quite busy and exciting. I was in Puerto Rico for four days for work, working long hours to finish everything before getting to take some vacation. When I returned from Puerto Rico, Reels of White Softly Flow played at the Fire. My parents were in town for my friend Nathan’s wedding. I was the best man, so there was a lot to do, tuxedo fittings, rehearsals, barbeques. And, in the meantime, I was orchestrating the arrival of several new btv releases. Thanks to both Willis and Jamie, a new batch of btv releases have safely arrived, including Denison Witmer : Philadelphia Songs LP (white vinyl, gatefold jackets), Circle of Birds : s/t cdep and 10″, Denison Witmer : River Bends cdep (new digipak version), Reels’ Live LP (no cds, sorry), and the second repress of the Damien Jurado : Four Songs one-sided LP.
Nathan’s wedding was very exciting as he and Norma were arried on Saturday, 29 June. Immediately the next morning, Reels of White Softly Flow left for some midwest shows. We stopped in Indiana to stay at my parents’ house and then went to Chicago where we played an impromptu show with our drummer, Emil, from Norway. Later that night, we played in Rockford, IL with our friends Mercury Radio Theater and Fine China. On Thursday, we played in Illinois with our friends Unwed Sailor, Danielsonship, and the Colemans. Thanks to everyone who came to the show. During the course of the week, I got to meet with Ester Drang, Denison, Unwed Sailor, and a whole bunch of other people.
In any case, btv is now back to normal after a bit of a hiatus. On-line orders will be filled today and tomorrow. All new releases will be shipping quickly, so don’t hesitate in purchasing the new releases.

This is a crazy transitional week for the label. Go see Ester Drang on tour through the Southwest and on the West Coast. Lots of new things are brewing. Jamie Hunt is working on the illustration/layout for the Circle of Birds cdep/10″; Denison Witmer and his brother are compiling songs from two national tours to create a sequence for a live cd release that will be available only on tour; Ethan and I are working on the artwork/layout for the Reels of White Softly Flow live LP; our friend Brady is printing photos for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs album; Denison and I are going to master said album on Friday; I will be finishing the LP layout from Brady’s photos and Ethan’s scans later in the week; and our dear friend Andy Bruntel is working like crazy on Denison’s River Bends cdep re-issue.
All American Radio’s Of Fragments cd is ready and raring to go. The artwork is being tweaked by Guido and the band is slowly coming out to rock it live. Lots of work happening on one-sided LPs.
And it’s all for you, our dear and beloved fans.

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