Kloster’s Half Dream, Half Epiphany released!

You can hear the track “Benjamin’s Song” from Kloster’s album Half Dream, Half Epiphany through the youtube link below:

Half Dream, Half Epiphany is out tomorrow in the US on cd through Burnt Toast Vinyl and on cassette through Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods. The album borrows from apocalyptic folk by way of Current 93 and World Serpent related bands as well as the baroque folk of Sufjan Stevens, among other influences.

Kloster are from Copenhagen and there are two reviews for the album available now:
Gaffa gives Half Dream, Half Epiphany 6 out of 6
Gfrock gives the album 5 out of 6.
Check them out, though they may prove to be a bit difficult to read depending upon your proficiency with the Danish language.

There’s also an interview with Mikael from Kloster on stovt.dk about the album and its relationship with beer since the cassette is being released on Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods. There’s also a little bit more about the connection between Burnt Toast Vinyl, beer, Kloster, and Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods in this interview at stovt.dk (in English!) and this interview at stovt.dk.

Many great friends have participated in this release and we’re very excited to have you hear it!


Kloster : Half Dream, Half Epiphany

Burnt Toast Vinyl will be releasing Kloster‘s Half Dream, Half Epiphany on cd this fall. We’ve been friends with Mikael R Andreasen from Kloster and the supporting musicians for several years and are excited to release this latest album. The album will come out on vinyl and cd in Denmark through Target Group and it will also arrive on cassette in the US on Crime & Punishment Packaged Goods. Kloster is self-described as pastoral folk and veers towards a more apocalyptic folk style in the vein of Current 93 and other World Serpent related bands or the Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus.


Scaterd Few Sin Disease Vinyl shipping update

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the 25th Anniversary pressing of Scaterd Few’s Sin Disease album. The gatefold LPs are en route from the factory today. Pre-orders should begin shipping out on Monday. We’ll have photos of the final version once everything arrives. You can still order in the online store, but pre-orders will ship in the order they were placed. These will come with download codes for the remastered album as either mp3 or wav files. There are a few test pressings left if you prefer to get your LP on marbled red and black vinyl.

Also, Allan was interviewed in a two part episode for the As The Story Grows podcast. Worth listening for some Scaterd Few history.