Last night was very exciting for a couple of reasons…
Jetenderpaul : A Causalty Too Serious To Afford 7″ finally arrived from Norway after months and months and months of waiting. Pre-orders will be going out on Monday and Tuesday.
And, Indiana beat Kent State to make it to the Final Four in NCAA basketball.
I also got to see Kind of Like Spitting play a special late afternoon set at The Fire.

Tonight, Denison Witmer and The Six Parts Seven will be playing The Fire at 9pm. Hope to see you there. It will be amazing!


The big excitement for this evening for me was watching the Indiana Hoosiers beat Duke in the last minutes of play in their sweet 16 NCAA tournament game. Being an Indiana native, my pride was in full-force.
Denison will be playing in Philadelphia on Sunday, 24 March at the Fire, 4th and Girard, with The Six Parts Seven. Make sure you’re there if you’re in the area.

I’m back from a short trip to Florida. Matt, Cake, and I saw 4 spring training baseball games, catching the Dodgers, Red Sox, and Phillies at home and the Phillies at the Blue Jays’ park. Aside from thoroughly despising traffic between Tampa and Orlando and my speeding ticket on the way to the airport, the trip was an amazing success.

We saw Denison play two shows with the Six Parts Seven who are a great live band and great people to hang out with. The show in Tampa was at the New World Brewery, one of our favorite spots in all of Florida, and the show in Orlando was at the Stardust, perhaps one of the best video rental/coffee shops I’ve ever experienced. We also had the chance to meet up with Randall from Jetenderpaul in Gainesville who showed us the hot sites in the town and some mean Florida alligators.


I have the Unwed Sailor : Firecracker cdeps, so pre-orders will be shipped out shortly. Denison will be at South by Southwest tomorrow. Here’s the info:
SXSW breakfast party Friday 11-4 at Mercury Hall (Cardinal and S. 1st Street).
A wholesome party with stained-glass windows, hardwood floors and a distinct possibility of coffee and lemon squares. Guests include Matt Pond PA,Centro-Matic, Nad Navillus, Palaxy Tracks, Shearwater with Cinders chamber trio, Denison Witmer, and more TBA.

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