I met with Matt and Justin from Aspera yesterday and heard two of the songs for their one-sided LP. The recording should be done in mid-June for a release in September sometime. AM/FM is also underway with their recording that should also be done in mid-June. Lenola has just committed to participating in the one-sided LP series. They’ve been writing many songs for their forthcoming full-length. This is really an exciting series for me and hopefully the bands involved.

16 May 2002 : Brooklyn, NY. Denison Witmer with John Vanderslice at Lillies.

I’m listening to the re-issue of Danielson Famile’s A Prayer for Every Hour which is due for release by Secretly Canadian in the next month. An additional cd contains the first public danielson performance and the video for Headz in da Cloudz. This was a revolutionary record in 1995 and is still groundbreaking today. I’ve also been listening to Early Day Miners : Let Us Garlands Bring LP (Western Vinyl/Secretly Canadian) which sounds incredible on 180g vinyl and Yume Bitsu : The Golden Vessyl of Sound 2xLP (K Recs) which has an entire live show on the 4th side.

Yesterday, Tom Bastian (decapolis) and I had lunch with our friends in Brandtson. Tom and I work at the same place, though Brandtson just happen to be on tour in the area. It’s always good to shoot the breeze with them. Their one-sided LP will hit more likely in 2003.
Tonight, my friend Colin and I trek to Carlisle, PA and relive a bit of bizarre rock history as we record and produce our friends in Dr. Egg. This fine lo-fi pop outfit became something of our cult favorites circa 1994/5 when cassettes still ruled supreme as the demo form.
There should be a btv e-mail update sent out later in the day to explain our current rock status, but if you’ve been paying close attention to these entries, you’re pretty much up to date. Except that you probably don’t know that all american radio is back in action. After a hiatus due to a missing drummer, the band is back and ready to rock it hard. The new record will finally be released in the fall or so and there will be much touring.
Denison continues to tweak his Philadelphia Songs. I’ve only heard bits and pieces, so I don’t have any super secret information to impart to the masses.
Have I mentioned that I occassionally do reviews for www.tidalwavemag.com? In last week’s issue, I had a featured review for Destroyer’s Streethawk: A Seduction. One of my recent favorites.

Last night, I was at the TLA in Philadelphia to see Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado/Gathered in Song, and T.W. Walsh rock it loud and hard. Great show, as expected, and was a little smoother than the NYC show. Why do people at the bar at the TLA always talk so much? Who pays $12 for a show ticket to talk through it all? I don’t get it. It is a growing pet peeve of mine. This is why shows in NYC are consitently better than Philadelphia. Yeah yeah yeah, listen to me rant like a bitter old man. Anyhow, it was good to see everyone again and I got more time to chat with everyone and see some old friends.
I’m going to visit Denison tonight in the studio to evaluate his progress on Philadelphia Songs. The re-design for River Bends will be done by the end of the month, our graphic hero Andy has sworn. So, the re-issue will be available from Denison and the btv site in late June and in stores sometime later over the summer.
New Yume Bitsu LPs and Early Day Miner cd/LPs will be available in the on-line store sooner than soon. Buy them now (from me or elsewhere). You need these records to survive. It’s true.

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