This is a crazy transitional week for the label. Go see Ester Drang on tour through the Southwest and on the West Coast. Lots of new things are brewing. Jamie Hunt is working on the illustration/layout for the Circle of Birds cdep/10″; Denison Witmer and his brother are compiling songs from two national tours to create a sequence for a live cd release that will be available only on tour; Ethan and I are working on the artwork/layout for the Reels of White Softly Flow live LP; our friend Brady is printing photos for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs album; Denison and I are going to master said album on Friday; I will be finishing the LP layout from Brady’s photos and Ethan’s scans later in the week; and our dear friend Andy Bruntel is working like crazy on Denison’s River Bends cdep re-issue.
All American Radio’s Of Fragments cd is ready and raring to go. The artwork is being tweaked by Guido and the band is slowly coming out to rock it live. Lots of work happening on one-sided LPs.
And it’s all for you, our dear and beloved fans.

I saw Yume Bitsu play at Brownies in NYC on Wednesday. They had a special performance where the story accompanying their Golden Vessyl of Sound record was read and various segments of the story were acted out. Various characters were dressed as Drystonians and Mothmen. After the show, Adam played me some of the music that they recorded with the Landing for their one-sided LP.
More dates have been confirmed and more details listed for Ester Drang‘s tour that begins on 28 May. Be sure to go out and see them play, especially at Yume Bitsu’s cd release show in Portland on 5 June. My good friend Ethan printed some special silk screened tour posters to help advertise the shows.
Denison Witmer is in this month’s CMJ Monthly. Be sure to check that out. His Philadelphia Songs has been constantly spinning, at least the first mixes have been. You will find some different sounds on this record, as a host of guest musicians, including The Six Part Seven, add their instruments into the mix. There are many ambient sounds that ebb beneath Denison’s voice and guitar melodies. We are starting to work on the final design and layout with the intentions of having the LP version be made avaible at the beginning of July, before the cd version will be available. The re-issue of the River Bends cdep, previously released by our fine friend at Velvet Blue Music, will be available at the beginning of July, along with a special tour only live cd that will feature some unreleased songs, versions, and covers and perhaps some of the stage banter which adds to the endearing quality of Witmer’s live performances.
Jamie Hunt is working on the Circle of Birds artwork. He has been featured in Little Engines #2 and did the artwork for Aspera’s Birds Fly cdep. Johnathon is still planning to have this mixed by the end of the month and the 10″/cdep should be available at Unwed Sailor/Ester Drang shows in early July.
In the one-sided LP series, AM/FM has been writing songs for their release and working on the artwork and design. They will be recording their songs at Lenola‘s home studio. Aspera have two songs recorded and will be working on the remaining two songs later in June. Early Day Miners should also have their songs ready in June as well.
I am gearing up for a busy autumn btv release season; I hope you are, too.

Today, Denison finished the mixes for Philadelphia Songs with Edan Cohen. There will be some slight adjustments made over the next two weeks or so, but things are fairly complete. This is exciting news. I am meeting up a little later tonight to hear the end result and am happy to see how things have turned out.
Tomorrow night, I was supposed to go to Baltimore to see Mogwai, until I learned that the Yume Bitsu show in Philadelphia wasn’t happening tonight, so I will be in NYC to see Yume Bitsu rock tomorrow. There are some complicated developments being made for their one-sided LP, so it should be very exciting.
The All American Radio site has been officially relaunched. Go check it out.
A few titles have been added to the new releases section of the btv on-line store, be sure to check them out.

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