This is a truly last minute post, but the innocence mission will be playing at the Tin Angel tonight, 19 May, at 7pm. Denison and I will be at the show, maybe we’ll see you there. By the way, final mixes for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs are supposed to complete later today or tomorrow, right on time for our mastering date on 31 May.
Last night, I went to see Star Wars Episode II with a bunch of friends. I have to give it two thumbs up based on my expectations. It was a lot of fun, furthered the plot in unexpected, interesting ways, had cool special effects, and had lots of action.

Last night, I saw Bright Eyes, The Good Life, and Mayday in the sanctuary of a unitarian church. The acoustics were pretty incredible and it was an enjoyable show. There is a one-sided LP planned to come from The Good Life, if they can find the time to get everything together.
Today is National Day in Norway, my friend Emil told me that. There is a special traditional costume that many Norwegians will wear on this day as they dance and march around in the festivities.
I am going to see the Star Wars movie later tonight or tomorrow. It’s one of those things that just has to be done, in spite of any critical backlash.
My friend Jeff is getting married tomorrow and I’ll be going to the wedding. His brother and I were roommates in college for a while, when the groundwork was being placed for btv to come into existence. Jeff is also good friends with everyone who was in Somerset, one of the early btv bands.

The Trouble with Sweeney Plays Karen cdep from Basement Life Records is being played on CMJ radio. Make sure to listen for it on your local CMJ station.
Reels of White Softly Flow have posted some changes to their website. A live LP release is coming very very soon.
Denison Witmer will be releasing a special tour only live cd that will feature songs from his fall 2001 and spring 2002 tours and will feature cover artwork from his brother, Douglas. I think he plans to have these ready in July. Also, Denison is finishing up Philadelphia Songs with some short, final sessions this week. The album will be mastered on 31 May along with Circle of Birds, if everything goes according to plan.