Today, Denison finished the mixes for Philadelphia Songs with Edan Cohen. There will be some slight adjustments made over the next two weeks or so, but things are fairly complete. This is exciting news. I am meeting up a little later tonight to hear the end result and am happy to see how things have turned out.
Tomorrow night, I was supposed to go to Baltimore to see Mogwai, until I learned that the Yume Bitsu show in Philadelphia wasn’t happening tonight, so I will be in NYC to see Yume Bitsu rock tomorrow. There are some complicated developments being made for their one-sided LP, so it should be very exciting.
The All American Radio site has been officially relaunched. Go check it out.
A few titles have been added to the new releases section of the btv on-line store, be sure to check them out.

Apparently last night’s innocence mission show had been sold out for a while. I guess I was asleep at the wheel on that information. In any case, Don Peris opened the evening, playing a few songs from Ten Silver Slide Trombones and one new song. the innocence mission played quite a few songs from Small Planes and Birds of My Neighborhood, but also reached back to play some older favorites. The sound in the Tin Angel was amazing, even way in the back where we were and I got to catch up with some old friends that I hadn’t seen in years.
The btv team is on the rise out of the gutter again in the indie rock baseball league. My good pal and baseball genius, Matt Stone, has helped trade for and recruit some up and coming players that are starting to finally get some good stats.
Wednesday, friends and I will be in Baltimore to see Mogwai and Miighty Flashlight play at the Ottobar. For some reason, Mogwai skipped over Philadelphia and the Brooklyn show was sold out before we could get tickets and our inside connection couldn’t swing special privileges for the show.
You are obligated to by the new single from M

This is a truly last minute post, but the innocence mission will be playing at the Tin Angel tonight, 19 May, at 7pm. Denison and I will be at the show, maybe we’ll see you there. By the way, final mixes for Denison’s Philadelphia Songs are supposed to complete later today or tomorrow, right on time for our mastering date on 31 May.
Last night, I went to see Star Wars Episode II with a bunch of friends. I have to give it two thumbs up based on my expectations. It was a lot of fun, furthered the plot in unexpected, interesting ways, had cool special effects, and had lots of action.